Candidate Interview: Sara Campbell-Szymanski

Over the weekend, I had the great honor of interviewing the challenging candidate for Pennsylnavia’s 150th State House District, Sara Campbell-Szymanski. In the interview, you’ll hear how Ms. Campbell-Szymanski supports single-payer health care, as well as how she wants to end the state’s back-and-forth Gerrymandering battles. That’s one of the things that stuck out to me most, as a matter of fact- not so much that she supports progressive health care legislation (though that’s great!), but that one of her primary concerns was how she wants to use public service as a vehicle to assist her district’s disenfranchised populations- not just pushing a Democratic vs. Republican agenda, or a Progressive vs. Conservative agenda, but how she wants to end the partisan rigging of our democracy altogether. But don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself!

I know that State House/Senate races don’t usually get as much attention as the Congressional races do, but remember, the GOP is trying to strip us of our right to directly elect our Congressional Senators by repealing the 17th Amendment; this would shift the power to elect Congressional Senators back to the State legislatures, which is why we need to elect principled men and women like Ms. Campell-Szymanski, who’re ready to fight such vile efforts.

I hope you enjoyed listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed giving it. Make sure to check out Sara’s pages, linked below, and check back to hear her in the future!

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