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Top Conversational AI Events Not to Miss This Fall

Brilliant speakers, illuminating discussions, and great networking opportunities.

With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the life of the Conversational AI community — just like the whole world around us — slowed down: many industry events got canceled while others more or less successfully transitioned to online. Still, the fall of 2020 looks promising: there are conferences and summits to look forward to. We’ve put together a list of events that will bring together the industry’s brightest minds — be sure to mark your calendar.

Note: Some information may change due to the COVID-19 situation. Please confirm the details with event organizers.

RE•WORK AI Applications Virtual Summit

  • When: September 17–18, 2020
  • Where: Online

Usually held in London UK, this 5-in-one Virtual Summit will bring together technologists, data scientists, and founders leading the deep learning revolution. Each of the five stages will focus on how AI is being applied in a particular industry like Retail, Finance, Marketing, Insurance, and RegTech. Rich in plenary discussions and networking opportunities, the two-day virtual summit is expected to gather 50 speakers and some 500 attendees.


  • When: November, 2020
  • Where: TBA

The leading conference on Conversational AI in Eastern Europe, Conversations usually brings together creme de la creme of the industry. Offering important business and tech insights alike, the event always comes with big announcements form the participating companies. There are talks on chatbot KPIs for enterprises and voice assistant pitfalls, industry-specific use cases and product launches, GameDev, and voice UI lifehacks. While the tech-savvy ones get the chance to discuss voice biometry, speech analytics, NLP challenges, big and small data training, AI-system architectures, and more.

Chatbot Conference

  • When: November 3–5, 2020
  • Where: Online

Also held online this year, the three-day Chatbot Conference will cover a wide range of important topics: insights on Bots & AI in customer service, latest on NLP & AI for Bots, Voice Skills, and conversational RPAs, as well as the impact on customer behavior that Alexa, Siri, & Google Home.

VOICE Summit

  • When: October 5–8, 2020
  • Where: Online

Easily one of the most important events in the voice tech industry, VOICE Summit will transition to online this year. This is the place to learn about the latest trends and technologies for content creators and how those can be applied in the voice tech industry. For developers and designers, the event is a great opportunity to meet industry leaders and discuss ideas with other professionals.

AWS re:Invent

  • When: November 30-December 4, 2020
  • Where: Las Vegas, NV

Amazon’s five-day event will feature technical discussions, workshops, hackathons, and networking related to AWS infrastructure and technology solutions. The conference will cover topics ranging from business and industry trends to security and machine learning solutions applied in the voice tech industry.



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