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Voice-Powered Devices: Guarding Security and Protecting From Viruses

This week in Conversational AI

Image Credit: Belkin

Belkin is to launch own smart speaker

A new advanced smart speaker is about to appear — this time from Belkin. In collaboration with the French audio technology company Devialet, the company intends to design a hi-fi smart speaker/wireless phone charger. Coming in 360 round design, the new speaker named SOUNDFORM ELITE offers a lot of functionality: from the voice-activated commands to Google Assistant support to optimization for iPhone, Samsung, Google phones.

Image Credit: Paranoid

Paranoid prevents smart speakers from listening

If the first thing that comes to your mind when somebody talks about smart speakers is data protection, we’ve got great news for you. There’s a new device, called Paranoid on a mission to make using Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers a little safer. The device connects to a smart speaker and prevents it from listening when a user doesn’t want it to. But even when the smart speaker is not listening, Paranoid still allows it to remain voice-activated. To use the device, you simply need to do is say “Paranoid” before you say Alexa or Google.

Picovorice reveals voice-controlled elevator

Voice-powered interfaces are the future of the post-pandemic world: even when the coronavirus crisis is over, people will still avoid touching surfaces in public places. So, we are sure to see more voice-powered devices launched in the near future. Among the first ones to jump in on the trend, Picovoice offers to integrate its voice control systems into elevators, intercoms, and other devices. As seen from the demo, the system operates like a smart speaker or another voice-controlled device.

Image Credit: Texas Workforce Commission

Chatbots help handle unemployment calls in Texas

Last week we wrote about chatbots helping fight the new coronavirus outbreak, and now there’s a chatbot to assist the unemployed. The Texas Workforce Commission released a virtual assistant “Larry the ChatBot” in order to address the surge in unemployment benefit claims. The bot enables users to enter their information in the chat instead of waiting for assistance on the phone.



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