EAR — The Estimated Acceptance Rate

This week we improved our send a deal wizard with a handy add-on. We’ve named it the ‘Estimated Acceptance Rate’. Now before I go into more detail about this new feature, let me quickly explain what the wizard does.

Simply put, the send a deal wizard is a four step process that guides you through the process of setting up and sending out deals to the influencers on the platform. As you should know by now, with Voicey, brands are the one’s who contact the influencers, rather than influencers responding to a certain deal that’s on a marketplace.

Right before sending out a deal, you allocate a specific reward to each influencer you’ve selected (cash +/or barter), in return for creating and publishing content.

Unfortunately, some of these elements were misunderstood. After being live for a few months, we have received some really valuable feedback from our users.

The most harmful issue for both, is that the initial reward that is being proposed to the influencers, was often way too low. It isn’t clear right of the bat that brands should not deviate too much from the price that they see highlighted in green.

Besides the fact that offering the right reward is affecting the acceptance rate for the send out deals, it is crucial for influencers as well. If they receive an offer that is too low, influencers feel mistreated, undervalued and misunderstood. Which, by the end of the day, affects us negatively as well.

Voicey is meant to be completely self-serving, and therefore it’s important to guide both user groups well, through proper UX. So, we had to find a solution.

The Estimated Acceptance Rate

By using data we gathered over the last few months, we’ve created an algorithm that visually shows how likely it is for an influencer to accept a certain deal. Once you enter a cash- or barter deal, the indicator will change accordingly, whilst giving you feedback about that reward.

We came up with the idea of working with emoji’s to express how we as a platform ‘feel’ about the reward you are about to give an influencer. It’s kind of like a password strength indicator, but playful.

Emoji’s in our opinion, give you the right emotion behind your reward. Also, it’s playful and (hopefully) feels less strict. You can still send influencers a lower reward than requested, but at least now you’re aware of what this might do to your acceptance rate.

Red is a no go by the way. A reward this low will have nothing but negative impact and so we disabled it completely.

What do you think? Will this be clear straight off the bat or will it confuse people even more? I’d love to hear your thoughts.