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Introducing: Voicey for Brands

You can no longer deny the fact that the growth in online influencer marketing is enormous. Brands see it, people talk about it and blogs write about it. I’m not going to state that it’s replacing traditional marketing, but it’s definitely on a par with one another.

YouTube is replacing traditional TV, bloggers are the new celebrities and watching how other people play games or even eat their food is actually a thing now. It really is a new world out there and you as a brand have the chance to benefit from it. Whatever your strategy is, influencer marketing can be a great part of your marketing mix, if implemented correctly.

But enough about that. I’m not here to prove to you how effective influencer marketing can be. If you’re reading this, you should already know. Instead, I’m here to state that there isn’t a proper tool out there yet that assists you in the best way possible.

This is why we created Voicey, a platform that assists you throughout the entire journey. From finding the right people, to managing influencer campaigns and eventually collaborating effectively. All of that while receiving meaningful data insights.

“We’ve heard that one before, but how do you differentiate from your competitors?” — a lot of people

First things first; we are a digital platform, not an agency. This means we’re not looking at strategies or creative concepts, but are on a mission to optimise the way both users interact with each other.

With influencer marketing you’re not planning in your affiliates through a CMS, but you’re dealing with people. Simply throwing your campaign or idea over the fence is not going to cut it. Shouldn’t the goal be to find/create ambassadors that really speak your brand’s language and share genuine content? We believe so. In order to make that happen, we created 2 platforms that work seamlessly together.

So, next to you having this awesome platform, “the influencers” have their own mobile application as well. Meaning, all these guys are literally at your fingertips. A simple push notification will trigger them instantly in responding to your messages or pending deals, just to name one obvious example.

You Send, They Receive.

We don’t scrape an entire Instagram database but have actual people taking their time in registering and setting up their profile, knowing that they could get a deal sent by basically any company. On the other hand, we monitor all registrations on genuineness. This changes the experience completely and the fact that the influencers have a mobile app on top of that speeds up the process incredibly as well.

We put you in full control.

With Voicey, you have all the tools you need in order to find the right people. A clear explore page with easy-to-use filters, that make it fun to dive into this selection process again. With a simple tap, you add prospects to your projects or immediately send them a deal.

As soon as you’ve sent a deal, the real fun starts. Influencers receive these requirements in their app, giving them the option to accept, decline or send back a counter offer. Once accepted by either the influencer or you, the collaboration starts and everything is put in motion.

A glimpse of our explore influencer page.

Voicey takes care of all payments and necessary legal papers. With this guarantee, you don’t have to worry about influencers not delivering content or not living up to the requirements of the campaign. All influencers have accepted our Terms of Service, which means they simply can’t neglect their duties or they’ll have to refund you. Whether it’s cash or products. It all remains your property until they’ve published content that meets the requirements that you’ve set.

Last, we’re focussed on being the best working platform out there.

This sounds like a cheap statement but I’m dead serious. Instead of releasing yet another influencer marketing platform, we’ve been going back and forth in product design numerous times to make these decisions. We truly believe that a good UI and UX is the core foundation of Voicey and this (hopefully) reflects back to our product.

To me personally, this really separates us from the rest. We listen and keep adapting. We’re like water — Bruce Lee.

Good stuff, good stuff. So, how much?

Voicey believes in a fair and transparent pricing model. We want to make sure any business can use our platform to it’s full potential, which is exactly why we had to approach this a bit differently as well. Here’s what we’re doing:

We are charging a fixed fee to any business that wishes to enter the platform. The cost for entering the platform are a mere 50 euros. This gives you full access to the platform and it’s functionalities. On top of that, we charge a 10% fee over every transaction that is made via the platform.

This simply means that every company, big or small, liquid or not, can start integrating influencer marketing into their marketing mix.

What’s next?

First up is our own website. We’ve been building an awesome product over the last 12 months and it’s time to start sharing that with the world. Our temporary page is simply not reflecting the awesomeness of the platform at the moment.

Secondly, we will be continuing to improve both platforms. There’s still so much to gain, this is only the beginning. New exciting campaigns will give us new insights and ideas to evolve even further.

Last, but definitely not least, we will officially be starting our partnership with Kult & Ace, an Amsterdam based communication agency, specialising in Millennials, young urbanite tastemakers and influencers. A match made in heaven. I will write another article soon about the specifics regarding this partnership.

And that’s it for today

Did I get your attention? Ready to start incorporating influencer marketing into your marketing mix? Or simply want to have chat? Get in touch or Register Today.



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