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Launching our Full Website

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website voicey.co. The site has been completely re-designed and recreated from the ground up.

With a small team of 8 we’re on a mission to simplify the life of marketeers and influencers/content creators with 2 bad-ass digital products, and hopefully the look and feel embodies that mission.

Mobile version is coming very soon ;)

We consciously chose to keep the focus on our products and features, rather than the beautiful content that’s being delivered through collaborations via Voicey; enforcing the statement that we’re a platform, not an agency.

Have a look and share your thoughts! voicey.co

Also, make sure to subscribe to our Medium channel to stay up to date with our latest developments. In the next few weeks we will be talking about new upcoming features, building a free trial subscription plan, and our partnership with Kult&Ace!



Influencer marketing as it should be. The platform that ensures brands, agencies and Influencers to collaborate in the best way possible.

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