How to Scale Personalization and Targeting in Account Based Marketing

As most marketers are already aware, Account Based Marketing (ABM) has landed on the scene and revolutionized how companies go after high-value customers. The strategy requires marketers to shift their thinking and view individual companies as if they were their own markets. In ABM, marketers create unique outreach strategies for each key contact within each of their target accounts through personalized content, offers, and nurturing calls.

But how can marketers discover decision makers and uncover pain points while at the same time create and share relevant content and engage through social media, calls and email, with multiple contacts in each targeted account?

The answer to the ABM personalization/scalability dilemma is simple- Marketers need to develop data-driven marketing automation strategies.

Data-driven automation platforms allow marketers to reach out more effectively and nurture prospects with personalized messaging across all the communication channels they actually use. Below are the top automation strategies allowing growth-focused ABM marketers to scale their outreach without sacrificing personalization.

  • Leverage automated data collection platforms to identify target accounts Getting to know your leads and gathering the necessary intel to personalize your outreach doesn’t have to be time consuming. Datanyze’s prospecting and data enrichment, help identify target accounts, the key players inside them, and ensure your data is always up to date and accurate. By building profiles of your ideal customers the platform mines their database of over 40 million companies to identify and deliver the best prospects to your marketers.
  • Automate data-driven prospecting calls to scale 1-to-1 conversations
    Use personalized automated sales calls carried out by brand representatives to identify decision makers, gather critical insight, prime your leads, and uncover pain points in real-time. The feedback you gather through prospecting calls can then be used to optimize your ABM strategies and start every interaction off on the right foot. A call automation software like VOIQ makes it possible to prime your leads throughout their buyer journey, by threading qualification calls into your existing email workflows directly from your CRM.
  • Track all engagement on an account level
    When you’re reaching out to multiple contacts across multiple communication channels, it can get difficult to keep track of where your prospects are in their buyer journey and even more difficult to prioritize your outreach. Engagio allows marketers to orchestrate multi-player engagement across social media, and email, while making it easy to keep track of all interactions at an account level.

ABM is seeing a lot of success, but the time time and effort needed to gather in-depth information, personalize, and manage direct 1-to-1 conversations, directly affects companies’ ability to scale their strategies, and quantify the impact of their efforts. Data-driven automation platforms are the powerful solution to scaling personalized outreach and ensuring your sales reps connect with qualified decision makers in their target high-value accounts.

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