Continuous content improvement for MNM (VRT) morning show

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Tommy Ferraz
Aug 27, 2018 · 3 min read

In the article “Agile radio, continuous improvement ready” I tried to reveal a new reality in many radio organisations seeking innovation: their digital teams are introducing continuous improvement methodologies based on constant user feedback and short learning cycles, while there are no equivalent frameworks for professionals on the content side.

One of the organisations I mentioned in that article, VRT (Flemish Radio and TV) in Belgium, takes the first steps towards changing that reality. The morning show “De Grote Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow” on MNM, the station targeting young audience, will be conducting a pilot with Voizzup during the coming months for evaluating their contents daily.

VRT finds in Voizzup a technical solution for audience research, a tool for on-air content evaluation and also a methodology for continuous improvement.

Voizzup technology collects data from listeners interactions on the iOS and Android apps of the stations. This data is later crossed with the logs of contents extracted from the playout system and the script editor of the station. The processed results are delivered to the show team turned into comprehensible performance indicators for evaluating on-air contents through an intuitive dashboard.

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Continuous audience insights, constant listeners feedback during natural listening, enables the team to introduce learning loops in their workflows. After every show, they see listeners reactions to the content, minute by minute, contextualised with the audio of the show.

Best and worst performing elements of the day are identified and ranked. Instead of removing the “bad” ones or increasing the exposure of the “good” ones in an impulsive way, the show team is able to continue the observation over time in order to find patterns. They can come up with theories after a few days, rather than rushing decisions pushed by a non-existing urgency.

Together with Voizzup, the team of the show defines the tests for confirming or rejecting those theories. Our technology and data science skills are then applied to these specific exercises, beyond the dashboard.

Our partners, like the guys at BNR Nieuwsradio, that have been working with Voizzup for three years now, are used to confidently talk about hypotheses, experiments, validations and refutations.

If you believe your morning show and the professionals of content in your radio organisation would benefit from a framework for continuous improvement, please, contact us.

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Continuous content improvement in radio

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