Creativity-boosting Continuous Improvement in Radio

Voizzup helps stations evaluate on-air content daily. Are we consultants?

Tommy Ferraz
Aug 30 · 4 min read

We don’t do Radio consultancy

This initial statement could be just a marketing claim, a deliberate positioning decision. We could be trying to set distances with a model of research in Radio that has raised skepticism in part of our industry, specially among professionals with a more creative profile.

Self-evaluation ‘kills’ consultancy

Voizzup is not consultancy because we do not evaluate, we do not tell what to improve or how. Voizzup is a framework for continuous on-air content improvement. We train the on-air team at the station to own listener engagement measurement. We turn daily second-by-second data (millions of reaction events from thousands of listeners during natural listening) into insights for the on-air team to collaboratively self-evaluate and improve. Maybe more importantly, we coach the station crew to approach self-evaluation with an iterative methodology, which enables the on-air team to achieve continuous improvement.

Think iterative

On top of an iterative methodology, an iterative mindset is crucial. It helps remove the very human tendency to over-react, to make early assumptions and unfounded correlations. It helps neutralize the negative effect of fear, insecurity, arrogance. Iteration is creativity-friendly.

Experimentation in Radio

“Revising hypotheses”. This brings us to experimentation, given that Oxford Dictionary defines experiment as a scientific procedure undertaken to test a hypothesis.

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