The healthcare warrior transforming a sick society

Gary Cohen on transforming healthcare

Who: Co-founder and President of Health Care Without Harm, an international coalition that aims to make the healthcare industry more environmentally sustainable.

What’s the story?

“The DNA of business has to be about creating health, wealth and resilience,” says Gary. You might think that the healthcare industry is, by definition, fulfilling this mission. Think again. What motivated Gary to set his sights on transforming healthcare was the discovery that hospitals, for example, were a major source of toxic emissions.

Healthcare “can’t just be about treating sick people. We need to move upstream and address the conditions that are making people sick in the first place.”

What’s driving change?

Facts matter, but they’re not enough. You have to create a “heart connection” to inspire change.

What’s the big challenge ahead?

“In order to solve climate change, we have to price carbon.”

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