Vollar, the revolutionary new digital currency, that enables sustainable and scalable social upliftment, empowering the unemployed and informal traders, was selected on its formidable merits, to present to the 12th Annual Stanford African Business Forum, at Silicon Valley in the USA this past weekend.

Kyle Ueckermann, Founder and CEO of Vollar, described their experience as an honour to witness for themselves the high level of innovative operation amongst these mature startups in the African continent and the opportunity which Vollar had to engage with these startups from all facets of industry.

To have been selected as one of these six startups from Africa is a great privilege, connecting with the economic rise of the African continent brings a symbol of hope and economic prosperity, and flying the flag of Afrofuturism in unity.

Vollar is expecting big things from the outcome of the relationships, networks, prospects of funding and interest received from the Silicon Valley startup landscape through the facilitation of the Standford Business Conference Forum.

Furthermore, 33% of global funding for startups originates from Silicon valley, and connections between Africa and Silicon valley will be more valuable this century than ever before. Vollar, is a leading example of how technology, and cryptocurrency, can be used even in the most poverty-stricken areas around the globe. This is a huge achievement for the South African tech startup industry, leading the way in innovative entrepreneurship within the public-spirited humanitarian sectors of commerce.



One Vollar, is valued at minimum wage. Vollars are used to purchase essential products and services

from local merchants.

  • Vollar links funding from the formal economy to social impact in the informal economy.
  • Community organisations create local impactful micro jobs and track individuals that participate.
  • Participants earn digital tokens, called Vollars, that can be used at local merchants as payment for essential products and services.
  • Sponsors in the formal economy fund the real value behind Vollars to introduce money into informal communities. In exchange, these sponsors gain insight into their impact from data tracked on Vollars at the beginning of the value chain.
  • Vollar automatically generates CVs for users from their work history.

STANFORD INFO: / https://sabf.stanford.edu/

The Africa Business Club is excited to present the 12th Annual Stanford Africa Business Forum, Establishing Africa’s Place in the Future: New Approaches to Driving Growth. This year’s forum will invite all of us to think beyond the challenges that are affecting people living on the African continent. For so long we have been fully engrossed, and rightly so, in trying to solve localized challenges. While we must continue doing this, for us to truly reach our potential, we must think global. How can Africans contribute to solving the world’s toughest challenges? For example, what do we need to do in order to be at the center of the fourth industrial revolution? What must we do to help prevent a food shortage crisis as the world’s population continues to grow? What opportunities exist over the next decade for the continent to drive global growth? These pertinent questions will be addressed at the 2019 Stanford Africa Business Forum.