Taking keynotes to the next level: presenting events as a “vologram”

In 2012, deceased artist Tupac Shakur performed onstage during Coachella festival as a hologram, shocking not only festival attendees, but also the rest of the world. To create this illusion, a vast projector and mirror system had to be installed on the stage. Also, a Tupac lookalike was previously captured in front of a green screen, and his face was digitally edited to match the facial features of the rapper. This same effect has been repeated since then in many other live performances, and even ABBA has announced a worldwide hologram tour!

Last Wednesday, a vologram of Patrick Prendergast, the Provost of Trinity College Dublin, introduced this year’s Trinity Business and Technology Forum. However, the technology behind this presentation is completely different than the one used in the performances mentioned above. You can see his introduction in the video below:

The key feature of this presentation is that the Provost is shown as a vologram that can be seen from any viewpoint, even walk behind him. This enables a lot more new creative possibilities. To create this vologram, we captured the Provost in our green-screen studio and reconstructed a volumetric video sequence using our technology. The vologram is rendered on the Microsoft Hololens and streamed live to a PC, connected to the main projector, so there is no need for complex mirror systems.

The Provost of Trinity College Dublin, Patrick Prendergast, in our studio.

Even though the Hololens made the demo look even more futuristic, our volograms can be displayed in almost any VR or AR enabled device, making it even easier to share and enjoy the content. A good example of that is how the Provost “repeated” his presentation next to our booth at the event, this time using an iPad and ARKit.

The Provost also “visited” our booth at the event.

It was very exciting to show our technology to a big audience in a live augmented reality demo and we are really looking forward to the next event featuring a vologram presenter. With our technology, creating these experiences is available for anyone. If you are interested, get in touch with us!

The Volograms Team