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Rafa Pagés
3 min readMay 25, 2023


A close up view of a Vologram Message

There are few innovations as captivating as volumetric holograms. Having a real person right in front of you, in full photo realistic 3D, feels like the best way to remotely communicate and connect with your audience. But capturing a person in full 3D is not an easy task: you typically need setups of cameras or depth sensors, a controlled environment such a studio, good lighting, and professionals taking care of the recording.

At Volograms, we have been working to simplify this process since we were founded, and a couple of years ago we released the very first way to generate volumetric holograms using only your smartphone, using Volograms AI technology, and our app, Volu.

But, how could we make this whole process even smoother? What if you didn’t need to download an app, and sharing your volumetric hologram with the world was as easy as opening a website?

An example of a Vologram Message

Introducing Vologram Messages

Vologram Messages (VMs) is a new and exciting way to communicate with your audience, and you don’t even need to download an app! Vologram Messages breaks the barriers to entry to this technology and allows anyone to create their own personalised message and distribute it easily. This is how it works:

  1. You send us a video, recorded with your smartphone or any camera
  2. We turn it into a volumetric hologram using Volograms AI technology.
  3. We send you a link and a QR code with the experience, that you can share with your audience.

You can customise it with links and other interactive elements. You can monitor its performance with view count and clickthrough rate stats. You can choose the plan that works best for you audience. Use it for your next marketing campaing, to boost sales activations, or to drive effective internal communications. You can even use it for your very own VM-powered business card!

A few examples of Vologram Messages

“I really like the reactivity in launching the hologram in a very short time frame. The whole experience working with Volograms has been real smooth”
Eric Chevallet, Head of Immersive Lab at Bearing Point

We have been testing Vologram Message with a wide variety of professionals and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. You can see some examples of VMs in the video above, which includes the one from Bearing Point’s Head of Immersive Lab, Eric Chevallet.

You can check out my own VM by scanning the QR code below, or by clicking on this link if you are on mobile.

Ready to experience the future of communication? Visit https://volograms.com/vologram-messages to learn more about Volograms Messages, and to get started with a free trial. And if you want to be updated with the latests Volograms releases and news, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter here. Be part of the next wave of immersive communications, we are looking forward to seeing what you create!



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