Volograms has a new visual identity, this is why we decided to change it

TL;DR: new year, new goals, new logo!

Rafa Pagés
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4 min readFeb 24, 2021


Today, we are refreshing our logo and our whole visual identity with a vibrant, creative and modern look. We have been brewing this change for a few months and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Nevertheless, it was hard for us to say goodbye to our original logo, which has been with us since even before launching the company. And it was especially difficult for me… because I designed it 😅. Let me tell you a bit more!

When Jan, Kostas and I decided to spin out of TCD, we needed to come up with a name for the company and, of course, a logo. None of us had any artistic background, however, I was always passionate about design and I knew how to use Photoshop (I learned during my college days when I was doing photomontages for the satire magazine, El Eco de Teleco), so I decided to give it a try and come up with something we could use temporarily. Conscious of how important having a consistent branding was, I spent some time designing not only our would-be logo, but also deciding typography, colours, and other visual guidelines that we could use.

Volograms original logo
Don’t judge me for the shadow 🤣

I wanted something simple that embraced flat design and gradients. I went for the triangle because it’s the primitive shape of 3D computer graphics, it could replace the V in Volograms and putting it inside a circle made it look like a rotated “play” button.

And although there was some initial pushback about its simplicity, we ended up embracing it, and we have used it for almost three years!

Nevertheless, I always feared our design didn’t look professional, or even worse, that it could look “engineered”… you know what they say about engineers who think they can design: there is nothing more dangerous than an engineer with some Photoshop knowledge and a bit of confidence! So for our next step as a company, we decided to go with professionals to design our visual identity.

Enter our new logo

This awesome new logo was designed by Studio Graphene, a London-based studio with plenty of experience working with startups like ours. We liked that they had worked with companies in the AR space before, and that they loved (and understood!) our tech. They quickly grasped the key elements defining our logo and what we wanted our brand to transmit, and their first sketches illustrate this very well:

“To elevate the brand we needed to unveil Volograms’ unique identity, in order for it to better reflect who they are and what they do. Volograms operate in a landscape that is deeply rooted in innovative technology like AI and AR, bringing upon visionary and imaginative solutions. Therefore, we created a distinctive set of logo, colour-way and typography that brings out all of the above elements. It becomes a celebration of the process and technology in use, whilst highlighting the creative and playful identity at the core of the brand.”

Karen Tsang, Digital Designer @ Studio Graphene

Our new visual identity builds on the ideas our previous logo introduced and takes them to a new innovative, creative and playful level. It doubles down on the triangle shape as the primitive with multiple meanings and embracing a new intriguing low-poly pattern that could have multiple 3D representations. It presents a unique asymmetrical polygonal shape that is distinctive and reminds our audience about our core 3D reconstruction technologies. And alongside the logo, a new sharp and elegant font that maintains minimalism and a playful look, and a colourway that is balanced between a range of monochrome and vibrant colours that resemble the colours used to represent the normals of a 3D model.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see all our other visual elements aligning around our new identity: our website, imagery, documents and videos. And, more importantly, you will see our new identity in the new products coming up this year. We are really looking forward to showing them to you!

Stay tuned for more! 😎



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