ASP.NET ZERO Now Has A Mobile Application!

We are proud to release ASP.NET Zero v5.0 with significant improvements and exciting new features.

For those who don’t know what is ASP.NET Zero:

ASP.NET Zero is a well-architected Visual Studio solution that comes with full source code. You can take it as the base solution for your next web & mobile application to develop your business code on top of it.

Mobile (Xamarin) Application

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Most important feature was that we have included a new mobile application developed using Xamarin platform. It supports Android and IOS.

It currently has very basic functionality:

  • Login, change profile picture (using camera or photo gallery)
  • User management (list, search, create, edit, delete, unlock)
  • Tenant management (list, search, create, edit, delete)
  • Dependency injection, localization, navigation infrastructure
  • C# proxy classes to use server side API

We created a development guide that explains the solution structure as the first document. We are currently writing a step by step development guide.

We planned to add other important features of the web application by the time. But we want to keep the mobile application simpler than the web as expected.

Metronic 5 UI

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We completely changed the User Interface to Metronic’s new UI, version 5.0.

We not only changed theme, but also added a visual settings page that allows to change menu, header, footer and layout of the application per tenant/user.

An example layout that has dark header with top menu:

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Setup Screen

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We created a setup page that can be used to initially configure application, set admin password and create database schema for a new deployment. This page is valid only if database is not available and makes a new deployment much more easier.

Road Map

We are constantly improving code base to provide you a strong architectural model and clean code base for your solutions.

Next big improvement will be a Rapid Application Development tool that will create basic CRUD page for a given entity class. By the time, we think to add more automation for common tasks. Our goal is to assist you on your development progress too.

For other planned features, you can check our road map. The items on the road map are subject to change based on customer feedback and our internal decisions, but you can expect to see most of them in the next versions.

This article was originally published on Volosoft Blog.



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