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Deleting All BIN & OBJ Folders in a Visual Studio Solution

Sometimes it turns out that we have to delete all bin and obj folders recursively in a Visual Studio solution. There’s a built-in Visual Studio feature called Clean Solution but it doesn’t delete them all.

This is my way to for deleting all BIN and OBJ folders recursively.

  1. Create an empty file and name it DeleteBinObjFolders.bat
  2. Copy-paste code the below code into the DeleteBinObjFolders.bat
  3. Move the DeleteBinObjFolders.bat file into the same folder with your solution (*.sln) file.
@echo off
@echo Deleting all BIN and OBJ folders…
for /d /r . %%d in (bin,obj) do @if exist “%%d” rd /s/q “%%d”
@echo BIN and OBJ folders successfully deleted :) Close the window.
pause > nul
Deletes all BIN & OBJ folders with a double-click.

I hope you will benefit. Happy coding!

This article was originally published on Volosoft Blog.



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