NDC London 2018 Impressions

It was an exciting experience for us to be a partner in NDC London 2018 Conference. We had an amazing week in London. About 700 software related attendees from all around the world met together.

NDC London is a set of talks for software developers and architects. It’s not only a conference but aims to connect people working on the same subjects.

We Met The Great Guys!

We introduced ABP framework to Scott Hanselman and Steve Sanderson.

We had a booth in the conference hall. And we got the chance to meet with the ASP.NET team. We presented the ABP framework. It was a pleasure to meet Scott Hanselman, Damian Edwards, David Fowler, and Steve Sanderson. They very much liked the framework. And Scott Hanselman will try to help us to make the framework much apparent by the .NET community.

From left to right; Alper Ebicoglu, David Fowler, Halil Ibrahim Kalkan, Damian Edwards, and Phil Haack.

We also had the chance to talk to people from all around the world. Informed them about our projects, and had great discussions at our booth. This is the first time we got on the stage with our frameworks.


January is a cold time in London! London’s attractions are quieter than usual this month, so it’s a great time to enjoy a stroll around a quiet museum and avoid queues at popular attractions. As being engineers, we have visited science museum.

London Eye & Science Museum

About the Organization

Scott Guthrie showing off face recognition

NDC London 2018 was wonderful; from the foods & drinks to talks, from atmosphere to participants, it was well organized and performed. We will probably participate in next year too.

Volosoft was one of the partners of the organization among industry-leading companies.

This article was originally published on Volosoft Blog.



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