Atlantic Lottery Renews Innovation Outpost at Volta Labs For Another Two Years

Jenn Earle
Jun 29, 2017 · 2 min read

Atlantic Lottery is extending its Innovation Outpost at Volta Labs by two years to continue fast prototyping of innovative lottery and gaming-related products, while embedded in the startup community.

“At Atlantic Lottery, innovation isn’t a buzz word,” said Brent Scrimshaw, President and CEO of Atlantic Lottery. “It’s a whole new way of thinking, of working and of developing products. We are challenging old assumptions to make sure we stay relevant for players in Atlantic Canada.”

Why an Innovation Outpost?

The Atlantic Lottery Innovation Outpost was established in August 2016, with serial entrepreneur Scott Burke appointed as Outpost Lead. The team now has five members and the first pilot project, Winvelope, a monthly scratch ticket subscription program, is in a real market pilot. They’re currently seeking a sixth member of the Outpost team, a DevSecOps Engineer (security ops).

“Innovation Outposts are a unique way for large companies to work like a startup, and efficiently build new solutions for a continuously changing market,” said Melody Pardoe, Chief Operating Officer of Volta Labs. “By immersing themselves in the startup community, organizations like Atlantic Lottery can explore new opportunities without the risks and costs usually associated with existing internal practices.”

Throughout the last 10 months, Atlantic Lottery has sponsored four Hackathons to address new business opportunities and revamp existing products. The outpost team has been busy developing new ideas to better meet the demands of a changing player base.

While the Atlantic Lottery Outpost is the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada, this is a proven model elsewhere in Canada for the country’s top companies. After Volta’s expansion, more companies will be able to access the Innovation Outpost Program.

“Innovation is the key to our survival and we are well positioned to move forward,” Scrimshaw said. “By remaining relevant, we are delivering on our mandate to our shareholders: returning responsibly generated profits to the four Atlantic provinces. Year after year.”

Atlantic Lottery has also experienced a culture shift toward innovation inside the walls of its headquarters in Moncton, N.B. Atlantic Lottery employees have the opportunity to become innovation “catalysts” where they learn how to think differently and apply new concepts to their current jobs.

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Jenn Earle

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The Volta Blog

Creating a place where entrepreneurship is celebrated & taking over the world is expected.

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