The state of Women’s Health

- a cover story

So far — so far

Some days after the NYC marathon before my return flight home, I ran with my runner friend Nadia in NYC to talk about running for her Vlog The Run Down — upon the question of what’s up with the Voltwomen platform I recalled the basic foundation “We wanted to highlight an amazing strength in women, pushing boundaries, showing how resilient and powerful they navigate in life using sports as a lever” I also briefly touched upon a thought we’ve had a while “Seems the story of highlighting strength in women is almost too trivial — it’s been adapted — maybe its time to move ahead”

The chat stuck with me — I really do feel we’ve come far. I had just watched half of the 51000 people fight hard and shine beautifully doing so at the marathon. The stories are out there — portraits of real women doing real things. 50 of us lined up to run 100K — joggers evolving, digging deep into the badassery of training, cutting time, increasing distance — women continuously connecting and supporting — challenging themselves to do more, continuously, for others, do something.

It filters through to stories of perseverance in life. Bettering yourself — finding a voice, enduring, demanding, laughing — healthy women healthy minds and bodies.

So with all of that in mind I find my self bored in the airport stumbling upon this cover of Womens Health (see top) — with the headlines:

Sexy hair

Hottest shape of your life

5 min abs

Yes you can (eat pasta and cookies)

Are any weight pills safe?

Steamier sex, calmer sleep

Win over anyone.

Are you talking to me?

I’m baffled by the cover — my eyes flicker to find at least one word that holds some type of empowerment — but it’s all about sex.

Even the image looks like it’s insinuating sex. She looks firmly into my eyes as she lifts up her t-shirt, hair down, lips spread presenting herself. This to me is all linked to an outsiders perception of you based on sex as a main diver. I’m thinking to whom is this communicating? And what is the message here.

Is this a new post-rebellious self-confidence — ‘I own my body — I can do what the fuck I want with it’? Women’s health is definitely about feeling good about your body. Sex is part of that too— But this is too vague to be a statement, the cover is not talking to a self-confidence, but a self promotion — Sex promotion even. Is that taking it too far — the visual for sure looks more like its talking to someone else watching from the outside.

For me sexuality when it comes to personal health is an inside job [pun intended] and looks is about how you feel about your self. Feeling at home in your body and your skin — I felt that running or moving connected me to myself — connected my brain to my body.

Is it really that health is reduced to seduction? It seems so painfully pimitive. Great hair + abs = sex? then what?

Femininity defined by whom?

We have come so far — we are talking femininity as an empowering structure, women as doers — so why this constant leap backwards, celebrating just looks abd talking about the body from the point of superficiality. Focused on surface.

— apparently the same story is still in the centrifuge — endlessly told by fitness industry clichés, agencies and communication sloppiness

We are so much more!

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