Want To Make A Living Doing What You Love?

Doug Sandlin
Sep 17, 2019 · 4 min read

Show The World What You Love And What You’re Good At

Photo by Derek Truninger on Unsplash

We’ve all heard “Do what you love and the money will follow”, but how many of us miss the do part? And how many of us get caught up in our own tangled web of ideas about the money part?

There really is an easier way.

Just do it. Literally. Actually. Don’t do it in the sense of “how can I get paid for this?” — just do it.

Give. Contribute. Offer. Open. Because, if it’s something you love, you’ll enjoy doing it, even before getting paid for it. And if you offer what you love, by offering your talents via whatever you love, you’ll connect with people, and they’ll appreciate it.

It will be authentic, and fun, and you’ll make the connections and gain the experience that will help you to make a living from it, if you want to.

Everyone loves something, and when you love something, you know more about it than many people do, simply by virtue of loving it.

Teach What You Love, and Get Better At It By Giving It

The world is full of people trying to get in general, and specifically trying to get whatever they think they need to be happier.

That’s exactly backwards.

We get by giving what we want to get.

Want love? Give it. Want peace? Give it. Want great, authentic connections with people? Give that, and you’ll get it.

Love to read? Teach people to read. Or volunteer to help proofread for a local community endeavor.

Love playing video games? Start a YouTube or streaming channel, where you offer commentary on your play, build an audience, join teams and groups.

Love to write? Write about the things you love, and your authentic voice will shine through your words.

Love to garden? Start a gardening blog. Offering a gardening class. Volunteer to teach people in your area, or via an online course, how to garden and grow their own vegetables.

Interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Write about it. Tweet about it. Create a course to teach people the basics, because most people have no idea how to go about them.

Love people? Animals? Volunteer your time in a venue where you can really help. A hospital. An elder care facility. The humane society. You name it.

Do any of these types of things, with anything you love, and people will know who you are, and some of those people will have opportunities for you that may be the life-changing career you’re just dreaming of now.

Or maybe they can only offer the next step toward it.

Or, possibly most importantly of all, maybe these activities will give you the clarity that will help you to take the next step toward consciously creating the life you’re only dreaming of now — in the real, tangible, pragmatic, on-the-ground ways that will actually make it happen.

Technology Tools for Everyone

One thing that’s great about living in 2019, is that there are so many avenues for sharing what we love.

Make videos from your phone or webcam. Post photos to Instagram. Start groups on Facebook and WhatsApp; Telegram, or Discord. Create SnapChat stories. Tweet. Blog. Start a podcast. Put yourself out there. Writing. Audio. Video.

That’s the great, open secret, here: put yourself out there, authentically and actually. Volunteer your time by giving, informing, teaching, leading — simply by being who you are. You do you — publicly, selflessly, enjoyably.

The only thing standing between you and actually creating the life of your dreams, is your own inaction when it comes to publicly doing and talking about the things you love doing and talking about right now.

Give it a shot. I’ve seen people both do, and not do, these things for years. And I have yet to see anyone who does them be sorry that they have, or say that it was a waste of their time.

Could it possibly be this easy? This much fun? Maybe. Why don’t you make a start, and find out for yourself?

You, and all the people and/or animals, and/or the planet, are waiting — don’t make them wait any longer.

You’ll be very glad you didn’t.


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