People of Tanzania definitely won’t be tuning into Queer Eye

The Tanzanian government has launched an anti-gay campaign and is using social media for its witch hunt.

Since his election in 2015, President John Magufuli has displayed a general lack of good governance, honest politics and accountable leadership. The only thing he has been successful in is showing the world how intolerant he is.

The President that barred pregnant girls from the right to education while also discouraging the use of birth control because “Tanzania needs more labour force”, has now launched a campaign against homosexuals in the country.

The Tanzanian government had the genius idea to ask the public to report anyone they suspect is gay. Much like the Salem witch trials, citizens are pretty much reporting anyone that looked at them the wrong way because officials have already received over 5,000 names in under a week. Authorities have formed a group of 17 people to stalk everyone’s social media and handpick ‘criminals.’ So, make sure to use #NoHomo in your pictures if you don’t want to go to jail.

This isn’t the first time the Tanzanian government has shown a keen (and creepy) interest in people’s personal lives. In February, the government banned 40 private drop-in health centres from providing services for HIV/AIDS. Apparently, providing health care assistance to a citizen “promotes homosexuality.” As usual the government failed to see the bigger picture ignoring pleas from health experts who fear that shutting down such outreach programmes could put the wider population at higher risk of infection.

As with any dictatorship, free speech and peaceful protests are met with police brutality and prison sentences. Many LGBT activists who fear violent attacks from police have either fled their area or remain shut in their homes.

With only two years left for the President’s first term to come to an end, citizens were hopeful for a more democratic future. But, last week President John Magufuli held a press conference and vowed that his ruling party will remain “in power forever, for eternity”.