Von Wong
Von Wong
Jan 5, 2015 · 3 min read

They may look like fitness models, but they aren’t.

They’re everyday people — office workers, programmers and mothers who took the chance to try something they had never done before.

Liz, Mother of 3

“When people saw the photos it was a lot of shock and awe. I didn’t even think I looked like that.” — Stephanie

People often look up to the superstars in magazines, marveling at how amazing they look without realizing that they too can look the same.

Armed with $20,000 of lighting equipment and a homemade rain machine, I wanted to prove to them how amazing they looked, straight out of camera.

Chris, 61 year old grandfather of 12

Great Lighting. No Photoshop.

“Hollywood-level lighting” makes a huge difference.

Once set up properly, anyone can look absolutely phenomenal straight out of camera. Muscles beautifully defined, faces perfectly lit.

No tummy tucking or Photoshop funny business needed, only the small tweaks: light, contrast & colour.

Stephanie, 24 year old Front Office Executive

Hours of Trial and Error

Great results take time. And time is money.

We took 2000 shots in a single day in order to produce fewer than 20 final photographs. Each person had to try out a variety of different poses before even beginning to perfect the one that worked.

Shandrew, 37 year old — Director of operations

It starts with believing in yourself

Good lighting and great equipment is only a small part of making people look their best.

Getting them to believe how amazing they looked, was the true magic ingredient behind the creation of these shots.

Watch them transform in front of your eyes:

“I’m a 62 year old grandma. And still, somehow, he manages to make me look great!” — Toni

Toni, 62 year old grandma

This year, give yourself the gift of self-confidence.

Happy 2015 ❤ — Benjamin Von Wong


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Von Wong

Epic Photography, Epic Stories and how they’re done.

Von Wong

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Von Wong

Von Wong

Von Wong

Epic Photography, Epic Stories and how they’re done.

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