Lava in the Streets

By Jai Dulani

It is not hard to imagine the cops shooting my father or me
It is not hard to imagine us as threatening

I remember when the officer came to the window
I was in the passenger seat, after school
My dad stiff.
in shooting back pain, stiff.
Officer asshole, his face and words a blur
White officer’s eyes and smirk said “you’re lying”
There is no pain.

Survivors are always on trial

That’s why CeCe.

That’s why Marissa.

That’s why the New Jersey Four went to jail.

Black women punished for surviving.

And yet America screams “you’re lying”
There is no pain.

So when we take over all the bridges by the thousands and yell
Black Lives Matter

We win.

Because we’re not lying.
we are in pain
Black lives are irrefutably under attack.

Eric Garner was choked and suppressed
by police,
his cries “I can’t breathe” were ignored 11 times
and then he was left to die, 7 minutes without medical attention.

Mike Brown was left for 4.5 hours after being shot dead by a white police officer.

When we march with coffins
To say enough is enough
This stops today

We win.

We know we are confronting a system

We’re all erupting
Lava in the streets
Hell we’re not even radical anymore

Systemic racism. Criminalization. Police brutality.

It’s just true.

This moment

Long overdue.