The Process

By Stacy A. Johnson

They begin simultaneously with harmonious voices
Separated by worlds only two blocks apart
Divided by unseen Redlining they have yet to discover
Perhaps intersecting in “I have a Dream” and “Yes We Can!”
Speeches in January, February the remaining ten
Continuing their way, brighter day on the other side of the street
Running parallel by “Any Means Necessary” never to meet
Do we have your attention?

I Pledge Allegiance
I pledge allegiance
To the United States of America
To the dollar of the united states of america
And to the Republic for which it stands
And to the racism for which it stands
upon my head, my back, my mother’s bleeding heart
Drip, drop the red line starts
Illuminating darkness, pain blood stained
Not my fault, theirs
One nation under God

One nation under chaos
Murder, fear
Indivisible with Liberty and justice for all
Divisible with oppression and injustice for all
People not people prey
See Spot run
See Spot shot
See Spot drop
Blood spread red, White, men in blue
Voices cry from the grave, the womb
“Don’t shoot”
“I can’t breathe”
Makes us seethe until will kill another
Any questions before dehumanization begins?