FAQ: Internship at Vonder

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5 min readDec 16, 2020


Are you a university student looking for real professional challenges?
We have a place for you at Vonder!

We are recruiting talented students for our Summer 2021 Internship Program.

Interning at Vonder, you will work professionally and grow tremendously!

Before applying for any position, here are the FAQ from other candidates for you to learn more about us

1. I don’t know how to code, can I still apply?
Definitely yes! Even though we provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to customers, we also need people with different skills.

If you do not know how to code, there are other internship positions available including graphic designers, UX/UI designers, product owners, and content creators.

2. What is it like to work at Vonder?
Unlike typical offices in Thailand, we have both a private office and a big co-working space for you to freely sit anywhere you’d like in the area.

There are group tables, private zones, sofas, and phone rooms available. We encourage creativity, hence we picked the prime office to make your creativity sprout!

3. I am interested in positions that do not match my study. Can I apply for those positions?
Absolutely! Vonderers do not judge anyone from their education backgrounds. What we value here are skills, passions, and willingness to learn. So if you have those, you are already qualified to apply.

4. What are the available positions and their tasks?
To introduce all the positions to you, there are generally 5 teams in our company which are Developer, Product, Game, Content, and Business.

Every team works together collaboratively. To see all the available positions of each team, click

5. Where is the office? Can I work from home?
Our office is at Charmchuri Square, 24th floor. The building is connected to MRT Samyan, a few steps to Samyan Mitrtown.

Work From Home is acceptable only in certain circumstances. We encourage interns to come work at the office for their own benefits, because coming to the office will allow you to talk, learn, and exchange ideas with others.

6. When is the internship period? Is there a minimum period required?
All interns will start and end their internship period at the same time, since interns will all work together during the period. With this, interns will not only learn from the Vonderers but also from people from different fields and universities.

The internship period will start on 31 May 2021 until 30 July 2021
However, if you are interested, but have schedule conflict, please keep in mind that it is negotiable. For most positions, interns are welcome before the mentioned period.

7. Are there any academic requirements? (Like GPA, faculty, or university.)
The answer is NO!

We welcome anyone from any university, year, faculty, etc. We also do not require your GPA as a minimum requirement to apply. We believe that those factors cannot define who you really are.

Hence, apply first, and if we are interested we will contact you for an interview.

8. Will I get paid?
All interns will not get paid. But we do provide snacks and drinks free to savour!

9. Who is a perfect Vonderer?
Since Vonder is a growing startup, we look for interns who are willing to learn fast and grow fast with us. We want someone who will contribute to the company the best of their abilities, not only to improve the company but to improve their own potential as well.

A good Vonderer should also embrace feedbacks. Here, we give constructive feedbacks directly and professionally, never personally.

10. Who will coach me during my internship?
All interns at Vonder will get a 1:1 mentor from the team (or even more). Not only that they will guide you through the whole processes of work, they will also share their experiences of their career paths. However, you are not fixed to only your mentor, you are also encouraged to talk and learn from anyone at Vonder!

11. After my internship, will I have the opportunity to become a full-time employee when I graduate?
Yes, only if you are qualified. The privilege does not come just because you were an intern, but it would come from your professional performance that you showed during the internship.

12. I am ready! What do I do next?
The application link is here
We will contact you back for an interview if we are interested.

If the FAQ do not include an answer you are looking for, feel free to send us an e-mail at hello@vonder.co.th

The opportunity is now knocking at your door, don’t keep it waiting!