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A Collection of my Nervos CKB GPU Mining Research

It’s been an exciting experience stumbling through the Nervos CKB testnet mining competition. To see a project choosing a proof-of-work PoW mining competition to build interest, exposure, and simply hype around their project is incredible compared to scammy, shilly, and simply lame typical Initial Coin Offerings ICO’s we have seen too many times before. You can read more about the Nervos CKB project here, and their public coin sale here, and their 12 Million CKB prize testnet mining competition here.

Watch our video guide on Nervos CKB GPU mining here!

It’s relatively quick and easy to deploy your GPU miners onto the Nervos CKB testnet, even if you are using custom mining operating systems like smOS or HiveOS you can find a couple of miners capable of mining the CKB testnet, NBminer is the best miner if want to dual mine ETH+CKB!

If you want to mine Nervos CKB on Windows, you can download our 1-click miner package that we are using in our GPU mining rigs here, it utilizes NBminer 25.5 so it works on Nvidia & AMD GPUs!

Here is a link to the official Bitcointalk NBminer thread which contains Windows and Linux download links as well.

If you are using smOS you can copy and paste this config into the latest NBminer (currently 25.5) and get up to speed mining, you’ll need to replace my account name with yours unless you want to donate your hashpower! This goes for all of the configurations taken from this article/downloads.

Dual mine Ethereum and Nervos CKB ETH+CKB

-a eaglesong_ethash -o stratum+tcp://ckb.f2pool.com:4300 -u voskcoin.$rigName -do ethproxy+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:6688 -du voskcoin.$rigName --api

Mine only Nervos CKB, this will yield a higher CKB hashrate (eaglesong)

-a eaglesong -o stratum+tcp://ckb.f2pool.com:4300 -u voskcoin.$rigName

Mining Nervos CKB dual and single on HiveOS is confirmed by Kinkos who is a member of the VoskCoin Discord server, join here!

If you are wondering what is the profitability of mining Nervos CKB or dual mining ETH+CKB this is still being researched. True profitability is unable to be determined until Nervos CKB launches their mainnet, their private sale was $0.006 a coin, and their public sale is $0.01 a coin which you can use to estimate the profitability of future coins if you’d like.

Gkumaran posted his Nervos CKB mining profitability estimates in the VoskCoin crypto mining discord server, he thinks each rig will earn several dollars a day depending on what cards and how many people are mining.

Per the official Nervos CKB official Medium blog, they claim that

The initial circulating supply upon mainnet launch is expected to be 12,375,988,800 CKB

Also keep in mind that the testnet mining reward is divided among all of the participants, so, if you mined 1.2 million testnet CKB coins, you would receive 10% of the competition prize. Keep in mind this does not mean your coins will automatically convert to a 1/10th conversion ratio, if you, as posted above you’re likely to see between 5–8% conversion in your CKB coins. Below is an official graphic also from the Nervos medium blog illustrating the breakdown of the coins upon mainnet launch.

EDIT UPDATE, received an official answer / official estimation of rewards.

There are three stages in our last round of mining competition with 12M, 15M and 18M CKB (mainnet token) as rewards in different stage.During each stage of the 2 weeks' period, we expect there will be 161,095,872 CKB testnet token mined.For stage one, with 12M CKB rewards, the testnet token to mainnet token ratio will be 13.42:1; Stage 2: 10.74:1; Stage 3: 8.95:1

Dual mining Nervos CKB and Ethereum ETH is very interesting, as we have not seen a dual mineable coin launched in quite some time. Currently with the current version of the Eaglesong mining algorithm performance is essentially ~halved and reduced by 1/4 — but what does that mean?
Your mining rigs performance on CKB will reduce by ~50% and your Ethereum mining hashrate will be ~25% lower than if you were directly mining Ethereum on the Ethash mining algorithm. We are still exploring the best overclock settings for solely mining Nervos CKB however if you’re dual mining ETH, typical Ethereum ETH overclock settings make the most sense.

RTX 2060 Super 8gb solely mining Nervos CKB Eaglesong

Comparing the above screenshot of single mining Nervos CKB eaglesong with our RTX 2060 Super 8gb Nvidia GPU with the same GPU and overclock settings of 80% power limit, +100 core, +500 memory, with the below you will see how our verdict was reached. This was tested on several AMD and Nvidia GPU mining rigs in addition to this 1 card GPU miner.

RTX 2060 Super 8gb dual mining Nervos CKB Eaglesong & Ethereum Ethash

If you’re looking to mine Nervos CKB currently with AMD VEGA GPUs you’ll need the sparkminer from sparkpool, personally I have not tested this yet but Gkumaran shared his results in our Discord mining CKB w/ his VEGA GPUs which you can review below.

Cryptocurrency is a constantly evolving and emerging market, make sure to stay up to date on it by following VoskCoin on all social media platforms and most importantly subscribing to VoskCoin on YouTube here! Oh and follow us on Medium while we build our new updated blog!




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