Beam Privacy Coin — Block Rewards, Funding, and Emission Schedule

Beam(BEAM) has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm as they launched their own implementation of the mimblewimble blockchain privacy protocol in January 2019. In case you missed it VoskCoin created a written guide for how to mine BEAM as well as a video guide.

Beam Block Reward Statistics & Emission Schedule

For the first 365 days after the genesis block (launch of Beam), with each Beam block mined, 80 Beam is allocated to miners, and 20 Beam is allocated to the Beam team. The block time for Beam is 60 seconds and thus there are approximately 1440 Beam blocks, per day. This results in the creation of 144,000 “Beams” or Beam coins in a day.

Beam Emission in 1 Day & 1 Year — Beam/USD/BTC

Beams block reward will reduce after the initial 365 days, however, in the first year, there will be 52,560,000 Beams produced or “mined”. For this write-up, we will be using the current USD and BTC pairs of Beam on 02/05/2019
1 BEAM = $1.45 & 1 BEAM = 0.00041992

144,000 Beams produced daily, in the first year
Miners will receive 115,200 Beams, valued $167,040 or 48.37 BTC
Beam team will receive 28,880 Beams, valued $41,876 or 12.13 BTC

52,560,000 Beams produced in the first year
Miners will receive 42,048,000 Beams, valued $61 Million or 17,656 BTC
Beam team will receive 10,512,000 Beams, valued $16 Million or 4414 BTC

Beam Emission Years 2–5 — Beam/USD/BTC

Beams block reward reduces to 40 Beams to miners, and 10 Beams to the Beam team, per block, after the first year. Therefore 72,000 Beams a day will be produced and 26,280,000 Beams a year will be produced.

72,000 Beams produced daily, in years 2–5
Miners will receive 57,600 Beams, valued $83,520 or 24.19 BTC
Beam team will receive 14,400 Beams, valued $20,880 or 6.05 BTC

26,280,000 Beams produced in annually, in years 2–5
Miners will receive 21,024,000 Beams, valued $30.5 Million or 8,828 BTC
Beam team will receive 5,256,000 Beams, valued $7.6 Million or 2,207 BTC

Final Notes & Conclusion

Ultimately the Beam team has ample funding being generated from their cryptocurrency essentially immediately after launching their blockchain. This feat is especially impressive due to the fact that cryptocurrency is currently and has been in a bear market for almost an entire year. This funding should ensure Beam can continue to operate effectively in this bear market, and the Beam team will have massive funding should Beam increase even further in value. At the current trajectory Beam is on track to be a top 50 cryptocurrency by market cap within 1 year if all other crypto market caps remained constant. Keep in mind that the Beam team receives their funding from the block rewards once quarterly and not daily or annually, the projections in this article are just that, simply projections using current data, prices, and block time.

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