A vote is a personal recommendation

Artur Gurău
Apr 15 · 2 min read

There are two ways of selecting a person for a role. Top-down, where a person, or privileged group, decides is the most common way but also a model that is used in predominantly authoritarian environments. A more democratic way is the bottom-up model, where there are opportunities created at the top and people representatives are delegated directly by people. Engaging a group to make a decision is very often a big effort, that’s why it’s convenient and faster to so solve these issues the top-down way. Technological advancements but also massive adoption of mobile devices have emerged and now there is a real opportunity to make things the right approach and will less burden.

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You can say quite much in advance about how a person will perform and behave by how a person gets to be chosen for a specific role. Teams and communities built on trust instead of authority, can engage the entire group efficiently, find and advance the best ones for the job. Managers should invest their time in strategic activities and bypass where possible shallow and unnecessary bureaucratic procedures. A person selected in democratic and transparent ways will, for sure, increase the level of group acceptance and set up a solid ground for collaboration with the team.

How can you have the ideal candidate for a position? You can never be 100% sure, but what you can do is to double-check what are the available solutions and set a favorable ground for further collaboration. Just ask people how they feel about it, whom they trust for the job, everyone being free to recommend someone. In our part of the word, we have a saying: “One head is good, but two heads are better.” We envisioned an upgrade to the internal democratic engagements where leaders are selected, and decisions are being taken based on collective intelligence.

Leaders of the future should have both the support but also direct social responsibility for the power they receive — the only way to iterate democracy to an exponential model that can assure positive transformation for our teams, organizations, and societies. Winston Churchill’s famously said that “The empires of the future will be the empires of the mind.” At VoteMeApp, we are building a solution that will engage the minds of your community effectively and come up with a leadership pipeline that will proudly serve and represent people.


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