Remote elections

Artur Gurău
Apr 10 · 2 min read

Now more than ever, it’s important to encourage people to collaborate more, look for better solutions, delegate roles and responsibilities. Working with people is a process. Working with large groups of people is a massive process where both grassroots organizations but also large corporations have to recognize at an early stage and advance the right leaders, the ones better equipped for a specific role and responsibility. Gatekeepers around the world would resist to reform elections and adjust to our needs in 2020. After all, it’s also a nice tradition to go and vote the old way on a paper ballot. Imagine how many trees are being cut to print all that paper for national elections and thousand of organizers and observers being stressed because they have this huge responsibility.

At the organization level, challenges are happening constantly, you have to adjust to the circumstances. Around the world people solve quite successfully a lot of their needs based on recommendations. They buy cars and rent homes and they trust their choice. No stress. Now we are somehow forced to re-imagine what leadership in times of remote work means and we can solve the leadership based on recommendations. That’s empowerment.

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This is exactly what we have been doing at Digital Communication Network when we faced the challenge to select country ambassadors in every community where we have active members. So far we have selected country leaders in 6 countries and the next three months, we plan to vote remotely and have at least 16 country community leaders. To make it possible, over the last year we built VoteMeApp — a mobile application that allows anyone to organize elections for a group of people. The PageRank algorithm allows the participants of the ballot to invite and vote for the ones they trust for the job. Results are displayed immediately after the close of the ballot.

For years Google algorithm was used by almost everyone to find the most relevant webpage for any specific inquiry. With VoteMeApp we are building a “google search” to find the right person for a specific role.


Remote elections

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