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Keani Vierra
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4 min readDec 1, 2021


What are the biggest obstacles deterring citizens from voting? Information, accessibility, and resources, to list a few. Voterly is on a mission to bring ease to voters, and provide them the confidence to participate in democracy. That’s why we provide digital voter tools to like-minded organizations like HeadCount and Motivote to help them educate and engage voters.

Voterly proudly offers digital voter tools that are embeddable onto any website. If your organization’s mission is to inform and mobilize voters, we have the technology to strengthen your effort.

Find My Reps

Our Find My Reps tool can be used to research representatives at the local, state, and federal levels. By inputting their address, a voter can view a list of their elected officials. The user can then click on any profile to be directed to Voterly, where they can learn more about the officeholder. Each profile contains a politician’s summary, job history, priority issues, and campaign funding data.

This tool serves anyone looking for quick and easily accessible data on their representatives. Leading up to elections, it is a reliable source for researching current officeholders and those running for additional terms. It allows for the user to find all their relevant politicians, in one place.

Check it out for yourself! Our Find My Reps tool is live on Headcount’s website. Their organization focuses on voter mobilization and registration. Our tool aids their effort by empowering newly registered voters to learn more about and connect with the politicians that represent them.

Voter Registration Check

We also offer a Voter Registration Check tool. This can be used to check a voter’s registration status, receive notifications if any changes are made, and direct the user to their state’s voter registration page if they are not registered. Many states have a process in place in which inactive voters are removed from the voter registration list. This is often referred to as “voter purges.” Some states won’t even inform the voter that they are being removed, leaving them to find out while at the polls attempting to vote. Our voter registration check is in place to avoid that problem, allowing users to double-check their registration, as well as be alerted if it were to change.

This tool serves voters who have already registered to vote. It empowers the voter to arrive at the polls with confidence, knowing that they are eligible to participate in democracy.

Try the tool out on Voterly. Like the Find My Reps tool, Voter Registration Check is embeddable to any site.

Smart Ballot

Coming soon! Our Smart Ballot tool will be available to embed on any website in 2022. The most interactive tool Voterly offers, Smart Ballot allows anyone to input their address and see their sample ballot online. From the local to federal level, all contests will be available to view. From there, the user can click on a candidate and be directed to Voterly’s politician profiles, where they can research further. Once they’ve made their selections, the user is able to save, download, and print their ballot to use as a voter guide at the polls. They can even share their Smart Ballot with friends, family, and on social media if they choose.

To vote with confidence, preparation is key. Smart Ballot gives the voter a plan at the polls by providing reliable and accurate candidate data. Any organization looking to mobilize voters can do so in good conscience with Smart Ballot, not only encouraging people to the polls, but also informing them.

Partner With Us

The effort to encourage civic participation requires resources. Voterly provides dependable data to empower any voter-focused organization, so that it can provide all the resources necessary to its users. Interested in getting started? Reach out to us at and let us know how we can serve you.