Lots of Celebrities on Voting and Saving the Day

Photo Credit: Screenshot from IMPORTANT — Save The Day PSA

Each election in the U.S., celebrities come out to share their support for a particular candidate. While this blog is not about endorsing or supporting a particular ballot candidate or issue, this video produced by writer-director Joss Whedon is too good not to share.

Through his newly-formed super PAC, Save the Day, Whedon enlisted numerous famous faces to participate in a public service announcement encouraging us to register to vote and cast our ballot in November. Their message is clear — November 8 is a tipping point in the future of America and it is critical that every American eligible to vote should do so.

According to the Save the Day website, voting is akin to heroism. And they suggest that if we register to vote and participate in the November election, we could save the day.

As an enticing bonus, Whedon and company promised that actor Mark Ruffalo would do the “Full Mark” in his next movie if we voted. However, Ruffalo thinks your motivation for voting should be because voting matters. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more with either outcome.

Voting matters. Become a registered voter today. Learn more about how you can cast your ballot in the next election.

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