Civic Engagement Every Day for Every Election

VL launches “When They Go Low, We Go Local”

Oklahoma State University Campus Chapter Registering Voters

In 2016, Voto Latino had a record year. Through our innovate and digital-first approach, we registered and sent American Latinos out to the polls in record numbers during a historic election. For us, it’s always been about meeting young Latinos where they are and engaging them with culturally competent messages that move them to action.

Now, in 2017, Voto Latino is getting back to basics and focusing on rebuilding our democracy from the ground up. Today we launch When They Go Low, We Go Local, an on-the-ground and digital effort that responds to these unusual times. Our strategic activations will build power locally and push for policies that reflect the values of our country. From healthcare, to immigration, to reproductive justice, our energy will focus on strengthening our democracy and building a country that reflects all of us- because let’s be clear: Latinos have a lot at stake. In our community, 60 percent of us are 33 years or younger — there is not one issue that impacts us disproportionately.

We’ve now registered more than half a million voters in our history. Last year alone, we completed 1,573,573 direct voter touches via mail, SMS, email, and ads, provided 15,000+ rides to the polls with Lyft and Uber, held 243 events in target states, trained more than 2,000 volunteers, and registered voters at 23 Live Nation concerts across the country.

But recognizing that civic engagement never stops, we are harnessing the post-election momentum in our communities to enact change. We have grown our campus chapters to 15 from coast to coast, trying to keep pace with demand. We have already hosted one Power Summit Pop Up to train young leaders in California and are bringing our Power Summit conference to Virginia and Texas to train hundreds more. We will be registering voters at concerts and uplifting the work of our countless volunteers around the country.

Already this year, we helped with the historic Women’s March on across cities the day after the inauguration, and we participated in 10 Tax Marches across the country, demanding transparency from our elected officials.

We are going local because we know that local elections are where our constituents have most to gain and the most to lose. Whether it’s access to health care or wanting to make your city a welcoming place for immigrants, local is where it starts and it starts with you. While campaigns come and go during election years, we are making it a priority to continue our civic engagement work each and every day.

We invite you to go local with us by sharing stories of the work you’re doing in your community to empower or resist. Start you own When They Go Low, We Go Local effort by contacting — because there is power in numbers.

Gracias, Maria Teresa