How VL Power Summit Inspired Me to Make Change

“After attending my first Power Summit, I couldn’t help but feel connected to something bigger than myself.”


In 2016, Voto Latino is bringing its VL Power Summit conference to one of this election’s most critical swing states: Nevada! We’ll be in Las Vegas from June 17–18 and registration is open now!

The primary cycle is winding down and as it becomes clear who the nominee for each party will be, the Latino community will need to stand together during such an important election, and that’s where the Power Summit comes in.

VL Power Summits have educated, engaged and empowered thousands of young Latinos from across the country. Our hope is that attendees return home and create positive change in their communities with all the tools that our list of amazing speakers and presenters put at their disposal.

Andrea with VL co-founder Rosario Dawson and board member Wilmer Valderrama

This week, VL spoke with Andrea Medina, a two-time Power Summit participant who talked to us about her experience at the nation’s premier conference for young Latinos.

What skills did you learn during Power Summit?

Voto Latino’s Power Summit provided me insight and awareness to the struggles faced by the Latino community in the U.S. Through its breakout sessions, guest speakers, and group conversations, Power Summit provides real ways that attendees can begin making an impact and become changemakers in our community.

What was your favorite thing about Power Summit?

I loved that I was able to feel a part of a network of influential, inspiring, and successful Latino leaders in social activism, politics, business, entrepreneurship, technology, and entertainment.

It was also a blast! Power Summit mixes professional development with a variety of Latino cultural elements including music, food and entertainment and really showcases as much Latino talent that can fit into one weekend. It is truly one of the most empowering events that I’ve ever been to.

What were your expectations before attending Power Summit?

I didn’t know much about Voto Latino at the time, and decided to sign myself up without knowing anyone who was attending or what to really expect. I showed up and was delighted to see a great deal of familiar faces, from all over Texas and the nation, with the entire experience exceeding my previous expectations.

Andrea with our president and CEO Maria Teresa Kumar

Why do you feel that people should attend Power Summit?

There were so many of us there with incredible stories and backgrounds, and so many of us who have worked to become great leaders, creatives, and influencers and Power Summit really allowed me to experience how powerful the Latino community is collectively.

Would you do it again?

Funny you should ask! After attending my first Power Summit, I couldn’t help but feel connected to something bigger than myself. I felt so strongly about this program that I signed up again, this time as a volunteer at the Power Summit in San Jose. I took a friend this time, and we were overwhelmed with the energy and feeling of belonging that took place over the weekend. It felt like home, like family.

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