I Marched for All the Powerful Mujeres

By: Audrey Lopez

Despite pushback from my parents — I marched. Despite people online telling me to accept the results of the election — I marched.

I marched because this was about more than an election. I marched because I owed it to all of the matriarchs and powerful mujeres in my family.

I thought about my grandmother, who with only a second grade education, immigrated to the United States and worked in a factory to support her family. A woman who despite her lack of education, raised children who went on to become doctors, pharmacists, and private investigators.

I thought about my mother, who was the first in her family to graduate from college; a woman who broke her own glass ceilings so that I could break mine.

I marched for the women around the world who have been told they’re too opinionated, too bossy, or too ambitious. And, I marched for the children I do not yet have, so that they too can grow up in a country that recognizes them as valuable and powerful.

I marched alongside my childhood friend, having grown from adolescence to womanhood together — now standing hand-in-hand during a moment in history. I also marched alongside Pat, a wise woman who bussed in from New York, and shared stories of her resistance to President Nixon.

Marching with Patricia L. and Danielle S.

Marching alongside Pat reminded me that no matter how different our paths may have been, this march was about standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity. I saw Black, Brown, White, Asian, and Transgendered women and our allies come together for a cause much bigger than ourselves.

I felt proud to participate in such a historic moment of unity. But, I did not do it for the retweets or the Facebook likes. I marched because civic engagement should not and cannot end on Election Day.

This march was just the beginning. We showed up in numbers this country has never seen, but it can’t end there. We must remain vigilant. We must continue holding our elected leaders accountable. And most importantly, we have to stay engaged every day.

The best way to ensure that the country keeps moving toward justice and equality for all Americans is if we participate on the streets and in the ballot box every day, every year, every election.

Make sure the work doesn’t stop. Join us by registering to vote, volunteering, or by making a donation.