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To: Immigrants, With Love

From: The Voto Latino team

Here at Voto Latino, we celebrate the diversity of America and the vast contributions made by immigrants, who are truly the ones that make this country great.

On this Valentine’s Day, we’re joining in its “To: Immigrants, With Love” campaign, and our staff members are reaffirming their support of immigrants across the country, to let them know that despite attacks and uncertainty, we are committed to protecting and empowering them no matter what.

Below are the messages of support from the VL team and we encourage you to write your own letters to the immigrant community here!


I pledge to stand with immigrants like my mom, who first came at 15 from Mexico to get an education and immigrants like my great grandfather who came as an orphan from Italy and was one of many in our family to serve in our country’s armed forces. I pledge to stand with the immigrants in every American family. #ToImmigrantsWithLove


To my parents, to my brother, to myself, to my comunidad, you are loved, you are deserving and you have dignity. On this day of love and amistad I celebrate all that you have taught me and all that you have yet to teach me. I stand in power with the immigrant community, today and always. #ToImmigrantsWithLove


As a Mexican immigrant, I’m thankful for both of my cultures that make me who I am and recognize the opportunities the U.S. has given me. With that, I am committed to ensuring that immigrants feel safe in their communities and empowered to continue fighting for full dignity and equality. #ToImmigrantsWithLove


To my immigrant friends, peers, and family members, I vow to be an ally to you in this movement today and always. I stand with you in solidarity; for it is the contributions of immigrants that makes America a beacon of hope for all. May we continue to uphold the values of inclusion that welcomed my Dominican immigrant parents so many years ago.


To the immigrants I know and those I have yet to meet — you are what makes our country vibrant and alive. And to my immigrant ancestors — I promise to defend the American Dream that brought you to this beautiful country and never forget that you once crossed oceans too. #ToImmigrantsWithLove


To all immigrants, I truly appreciate your bravery and hard work. I am proud to stand with you. The contributions that you make to our country are countless and valuable. You should stand up for all the rights you deserve. Make your voice heard and make it heard loud because it counts.


To immigrants like my mother, who sacrificed everything to give their children a better future, you matter. Your love and hard work means the world to the future generations.


To all immigrants, from my mother to my friends, know that you already make America great. I’m grateful for all your contributions to society, for all your hard work and for your courage. I’m proud to stand with you. I stand with past, present and future generations of immigrants. As an ally and fellow immigrant, I’ll keep fighting to protect our rights and livelihoods. Always remember: Immigrants, we get the job done.


It takes insurmountable courage to leave home for a brighter future — to give your family much more than you ever gave to yourself. I commend all who’ve taken that journey to this country — to strive to succeed. I stand proud every day because of my immigrant parents and because of you. America wouldn’t exist without you.


I recognize that immigrants in this country have sacrificed everything to achieve the American Dream. I am a product of this sacrifice. If it weren’t for my parents’ determination, faith, and sheer valor, I would not be where I am today — that is why I believe ALL immigrants should receive unconditional support. They contribute to our country in so many ways.


Maher Hathout, the Co-Founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council once said “Home isn’t where you’re from. It’s where your grandchildren will be raised.” As the son of refugees who immigrated to this country and built a home for their family, I want all immigrants to know that regardless of what anyone says, you are already home and we will fight for you.


To my friends, family and the many other immigrants that make this country the beautiful melting pot that it is- thank you for enriching our lives. I stand in support of you so that together we can build a future worthy to leave to our children. #ToImmigrantswithLove


To immigrants like my parents, who have made the ultimate sacrifice of leaving your home and endured countless struggles, know that you are not alone. Your resiliency, hard work and aspirations are what make this country great. I am honored to have the privilege and responsibility to fight for our community. I’ll stand, march and fight with you. #ToImmigrantsWithLove


To my family, friends, and all immigrants with unwavering spirit and love. I am in awe of your resilience, of your courage to leave your homes and start anew in the search for a better life and opportunities. Immigrants have made and continue to make this a rich and diverse nation, a great nation. We will move forward as such. I am proud of my immigrant heritage so I stand alongside you. I promise to work and to fight for you and our communities so that you have a home free from fear.


To immigrants like my grandparents who escaped persecution from a country torn by war. To my mother and father, who became U.S. citizens together and achieved the American Dream, I stand with you ahora y para siempre!


I support immigrants because I support bravery. It takes such courage and ambition to migrate and I am always grateful to my ancestors for the risks they took, escaping religious persecution in Russia, and coming to a country completely unknown to them. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.



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