Product Development Update; October

We are proud to announce that we have successfully fired up the VouchForMe platform! For now, we are running it in our software garage, just to make sure all pistons are going up and down smoothly and that nothing is overheating. But yaay, it works! And we are really excited about you taking it for a test drive soon!

User experience (UX) optimization

Well, before we do just that, you should be happy to know that we have a couple of UX gurus in our team who are relentlessly testing the platform from the user’s perspective. They are digging out bugs, pushing the software engineers to make stuff smooth and easy to use, and regularly giving copywriters a hard time if they find a missing piece of text or a bad explanation in the user interface. They are doing all that because they think bad UX is not the user’s fight to fight. And they are right, and we love them. Until they knock at your door.

Putting it all together

The UX improvements, of course, come extra to a lot of other stuff that is also going on on the engineering side right now. There is always those final few lines of code missing here and there — simply because a software product (like many others) is best viewed as work in progress anyway. So if anyone thought that after launch there is a three-month vacation, the joke is on them. Also important, the platform is actually several pieces of software mounted together: backend, frontend, blockchain, messaging, payment components, etc. Moreover, even though each piece is made using the finest technology and talent available, the interactions among the parts and their overall functioning once they are integrated into a single solution need to be tested and improved over and over.

UX and integration… — It translates to trial and error and improvement. A bit like fine-tuning an orchestra. Stradivari violins, world-class musicians — no matter how good the tools and the people operating them, you need to test, rehearse, miss a tone, do it better the next time. Until you are happy with the sound of it.