Here’s a list of apps that will make your 2017 a productive year.

  • iA Writer (Mac, iOS): iA Writer lets you focus on what’s important when you’re writing: what you’re writing.
  • Airmail (Mac, iOS): a highly customisable mail client that helps keep your mails answered and organised (a personal favourite).
  • Things (Mac, iOS): a to-do app made by Germans, need I say more? (Other than maybe providing a testimonial from another German — me: it’s so simple and effective I’ve been a user since 2008).
  • Evernote (OCR): I love Evernote’s Optical Character Recognition (meaning Evernote can ‘read’ text from a photo or scanned document) because it’s helped me to live an (almost completely) paperless existence. Talk about progress!
  • Photos / Sierra / iCloud (Mac, iOS): I’ve used Dropbox Camera Upload for years until Apple started integrating their iCloud space with Photos (and suddenly took up an extra 1TB extra space on my computer!) Now I can upload unlimited photos to my Mac, iPad and iPhone no matter their size. It’s a dream. Apple: great job!
  • Backblaze (Mac, PC): now that I save practically all my files in the cloud I feel that it’s almost unnecessary to make a backup… And this is exactlywhen you know you should make a backup. So I use Backblaze.
  • Foursquare: when you find yourself in a new city and you need a great spot for dinner, for work, lunch, a date, practically anything, Foursquare is your app. It really works (sometimes even better than locals: I once had Parisian friend ask me how I knew Paris better than her…).
  • 1Password: Stop the Presses. You need this. You need this even though it will cost you $3 a month. This is worth the money. Why? Well, for starters, your stuff will finally be safe once you stop using your name and birthday as a password now you no longer have to worry about forgetting anything more complicated… Good enough?
  • Instapaper or Pocket: the ‘magazines’ of the future. Both apps keep the articles you want to read but don’t or can’t now, for later.
  • Harvest: if keeping track of your hours is important for your business Harvest is the best insight giving and tracking app out there. Trust me.
  • DuoLingo: it’s a new year! Learn a language! DuoLingo makes it fun and, almost most importantly, easy to get started.
  • Soulver: another amazing app that helps you to quickly calculate anything. Soulver has helped me countless times to make costs more transparent in negotiations. Both smart and dead simple.
  • Nuzzel: it’s easy to lose track of time online figuring out what’s worth the read or not, but Nuzzel filters your Twitter and/or Facebook stream and tells you what your peers are sharing, which is a good place to start.
  • Ok, the last one isn’t an app but a piece of sound advice: Unfollow everyone on Facebook. And I mean everyone. This has really helped me boost my productivity and has saved me tremendous amounts of time. And I still have friends.

With love from BrunsNiks.

UPDATE: Jaap Stronks and Erik Loots suggested two great apps to block yourself from Social Media:

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