The Live Still Life of May 2nd, 2:24pm CET, Bangalore. See the live stream of the work here


Art, live from Bangalore

Justus Bruns
Apr 28, 2015 · 3 min read

Preserving true beauty using modern technology

What does wealth mean in the 21st Century? What is the relationship between wealth and beauty, and is it possible to preserve beauty? In the 16th Century, still life paintings were created both to express wealth and to immortalise a fleeting instance of beauty in the fight against decay. Is this still relevant? And how would we capture this today?

These are the questions VOUW (formerly Les Oiseaux de Merde) asks as the basis for its next work, the Live Still Life.

The Live Still Life is a classic, archetypal still life, streamed live, from India to anywhere in the world. It is the first step towards the creation of an art factory, where hundreds of these works will be made, preserved and streamed.

Adjusting the composition of the still life. April 18th, 6:35pm CET, Bangalore

How it works

The Live Still Life is a physical composition of fresh fruit displayed on a table with flatware and cutlery. This is located in a wooden box in Bangalore. Every minute a photo is taken and the image is streamed, live, accessible instantly from anywhere in the world. VOUW’s Indian curator is on call to replace the fruit the minute it starts to rot so as to maintain the integrity of the image. In this way, while the image remains the same, the fight against decay is always present.

The wooden box of the Live Still Life in Bangalore

The Live Still Life Factory

The Live Still Life is the first step towards a fully fledged art factory in India, streaming works to private collectors and museums all around the world. This factory will maintain and stream hundreds of works. There will only be one key to each individual work; only one person or institution will have access to it. This keeps each work unique and personal.

A quick sketch by VOUW of the Live Still Factory

For these next works, VOUW will expand upon its exploration of the meaning of still lifes and their symbolism.

Follow the Live Still Life on twitter.

See photos of the process below:

The Live Still Life consists of a physical composition of fresh fruit displayed on a table with flatware and cutlery.
The first set up of the work.
The wooden box of the work is brought to its final destination, an small office space right under the Halasuru metro station.
A view from under the Halasuru metro station. The work is based in the space on the right.
Bangalore. Top left is the Halasuru metro station where the work is based.
The work is streamed live, 24/7, from Bangalore. See it here.
A render of how the still will look in a white space


VOUW is a creative company originally formed through Les Oiseaux de Merde, an Art Collective founded in 2010. Previous works include the Airplane Food Event, Socks 4 Africa and The Perfect Artwork.

Thanks to Michel Jansen and Rishi Bhatnagar for helping programming the livestream; especially Rishi, who worked days and nights.


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