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Leaving fintech to tackle food sustainability: Why I joined Vow

A trip home, and a huge realisation

  1. That as I had long suspected, I was excited to go back and build something from scratch again. The founding moment of a great company is so incredibly powerful and rare.
  2. That Sydney, with its many positive qualities as a city and rapidly growing startup ecosystem, was the right geographical location for me to do it from.
  3. That it was time for me to move out of financial technology and to work on other areas, that in my view, would be more impactful and important for the world.

But why food sustainability?

  • I had found interesting over the last few years but hadn’t had time to look into, or
  • Seemed to be a critical problem for the world, or
  • Seemed to be on the cusp of an important change; an inflection point.

Digging deeper

OK, but what can I contribute?

Discovering Vow

Engineering meets biology

Teaching robots to culture meat



Vow is rebuilding our food system from the ground up, by making meat with animal cells, and not the animals themselves.

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Soroush Pour

1st engineer @ItsJustVow , making better meat for meat eaters & using automation to get there. Previously founded & exited @Wealthlift , early SWE // EM @Plaid.