A Productive Shopper

Khwaja Rasheed
May 14 · 1 min read

Shopping has become one of the most time-consuming activities in our daily lives.

Imagine how a typical shopping would look like. You had to travel to the shopping center. find a suitable parking place. find your way to the maze of product aisles, put them in the cart, intelligently decide what queue to stand behind, wait for each product to be scanned, billed, and then get back home.

The very shopping activity alone would take you around 1–3 hours to complete for a weekly shopper. This roughly translates to 52–156 hours or to put it 2–7 days per year. Wooh! Isn’t this huge? Wait we haven’t yet taken into account the amount of time you spend scrolling through the page of amazon for your other not available locally purchases.

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