How to find you on Voxing Pro?

On Voxing Pro the actors create their page, which can be seen by everyone! Art directors and producers who want to see all actors and use selection tools, need to register, that goes without saying. But it’s better by saying it :). It is a timely opportunity to take stock of the situation!

1- On the Voxing Pro homepage.

At the top of the page, the search engine allows to find all the actors of the platform. The search also works in the “reverse” direction for dubbing. For example, you type “Meg Ryan”, and appear the actress who dubs her. You can search as well per the name of the movie or the character into the movie.
Note that on the homepage of Voxing Pro, the profiles of the actors scroll randomly. Just click on one of the images to access the entire page of the actor.

2- Search with Google

Your pages are very well referenced on Google. The prods that are looking for voice actors will find you in this way. Just type your name followed by Voxing Pro, and the link of your page appears in the first results.

We have developed, and still develop, tools that allow casting and booking of actors. These apps are not publicly visible, art directors and producers must register to take advantage of them. Their registration is free, only the sending of text messages for the booking of actors is done via the purchase of packs sms

I share, you share…

Your Voxing Pro page must live, that is to say, it must be updated as soon as you have made a new recording, but also share it!

Your visibility is crucial, so publish your page on social networks, put the link at the bottom of your emails, short messages, and when you are called to have audio samples, communicate your page, the person can choose from your various extracts . ;)

Nobody will no longer ignore you!

Originally published at on November 2, 2017.