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Presenting the LoreDex!

Our all-encompassing, ultra-detailed guide to all things lore in VoxoDeus.

Whether catching up on the latest CypherTales, or checking in on the Factions vying for control of Omega Space — this is the ultimate resource!

We’ve designed this wiki to be accessible for everyone: whether you’ve been with us from day 1 or are just finding us now (you lucky Sapiens!).

If you’re new to VoxoDeus, the LoreDex home page recaps the story so far, and introduces the characters and settings at the heart of VoxoDeus.

Everything in the LoreDex is interconnected, systematised and future-proofed to allow us to constantly build and add new content as the Cypherverse expands with new projects.

Not to mention Mythologies, which is where the community adds their own fiction and breathes life into the Cypherverse with unique takes on the lore. Looking at you, GoodBoi…

There are many legends told of GoodBoi.

The lore is always growing!

Keep updated with every new CypherTales drop and community challenge by joining us on Discord

Dive in and discover another universe.

P.S. Brand new to VoxoDeus? Check out ‘Everything you need to know about Voxo NFTs



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