Vox Pop: Voices Matter

Hello all,

A couple of months back some friends and I started an organization that had been a dream of mine for a long time. The idea was to create events that allowed for mutual interaction between audiences and artists and to facilitate creative spaces as collaborative spaces. The walls between spectator and performer didn’t always have to be defined, and instead spontaneity and curiosity could be trusted companions. These intimate settings would showcase music, art, speakers and interviewers all the while forging new partnerships and friendships.

So Vox Pop started this summer, and we have had a couple of events that have been both fun and incredibly entertaining. Vox Pop is fully expressed in Latin as vox populi, or “the voice of the people”. We have a desire that there should be a give-and-take in artistic and intellectual spaces, that more voices are better than a limited amount of them. Thus, we will have more than just music and art, we will also feature spoken word/poetry nights, guest speaker events, and chances for community engagement. We want to bring people together for all sorts of reasons and from various perspectives, because more than anything we believe in human connection and development. Our lives can be hectic and we need moments to pause and reflect, or eat and have fun, or ask important questions, or watch an artist do what they do best.

But we also want to have a presence in other spaces as well. So we have decided to create a publication on the Medium platform as a way to start and/or continue important conversations. We will also feature original content and reviews about music, film, television, literature, culture, etc. We want this to be a great mix of local/regional pieces with national/ international topics as well.

More than anything, we want a multitude of voices engaging meaningfully with each other. In this day and age, we need spaces for collaboration, discussion, and exploring our world in loving and creative ways.

We hope you’ll join us.