Voxxed Days Belgrade: New Visual Identity

This October, the 3rd Voxxed Days Belgrade tech conference brings you a brilliant set of speakers and a different kind of experience. At Heapspace, we believe in constant change and we are not fans of status quo. That is why this is our first step towards redesigning Voxxed Days experience — a new visual identity.

Not “just another tech conference”

We are trying to escape the cliché of “just another tech conference”. What people want is a good speakers lineup, nice and cosy venue, great food and fun swag. But what about experience, networking, limbo dance during the rock band gig on the last day of the conference? :)

Before you actually come to Voxxed Days Belgrade 2017, we want to create a visual experience for you. Therefore, we present: bear, crab, bunny, Tasmanian and a bird, each of them is representing VDB17 topics — VR, AI, Languages, Architecture and Security.

VDB17 Visual Identity: Smart, Minimalistic, Bold, Quirky and Tech

With Voxxed Days Belgrade new visual identity we want to reflect the changes technology brings to our everyday lives and we want to humanize it, hence, the funny animals. Everything is becoming digital, and we are counting on technology to facilitate and simplify existing processes. We are looking forward to self-driving cars, not to mention the flying ones! 😊

So there you have it, tech is bold, smart and quirky. We tried to represent all of that using typography and color.

In the words of its creator, Nemanja Jehlička from Lorem Ipsum studio:

The new VDB17 visual identity brings minimalistic, clean and structured visual language colored with humor and quirkiness.

Tracks: Black Bunny, Blue Crab and Orange Tassie

Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016 had five tracks spanning over three days and we got the feedback it was too much content, so we scaled back to two days and three tracks.

Our focus was on speakers excellence and hot tech topics. Our keynote speaker is David Parnas, a pioneer of software engineering, who will be followed by great speakers from Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Pivotal and many others.

We are happy to announce the final schedule which might go through minor changes due to speakers’ arrangements.

See you in October!

Heapspace team