Vancouver Vibes — 06.29.2017

001-Home sweet home

My first stop of my travels is my hometown, Vancouver, Canada. I’ll be spending about a month here, mostly to regroup and meet family and friends.

I spent the day wandering, walking from Yaletown through false creek and found myself in Granville island. The walk there reminded me of how beautiful Vancouver was in the summer time. The sun shone down on the deep blue pacific as I crossed the bridge. A warm breeze gently accompanied me through the trails to the creek. Many cyclists and runners pass me by.

View of Yaletown from the Cambie Bridge

Vancouver is a beautiful place during the summer. Vancouverites must be so happy for it to finally be summer again. The days of shorts and tanks are upon us. Picnics, bonfires, & long summer days are finally here! I spent the rest of the day people watching on Granville Island.

At sunset

I am here alone and feel free, fresh like the new season. I thought about the routine I had in SF, about how this move is a huge shock to the system. No more slack pings, constantly checking email, meetings to rush to or great coworkers to have coffee with. At least for a while. Everything seemed…Quiet. The sad thing is…I left some really great friends back in SF. Really lucky to have met them. For now, I have the opportunity to call the road my home. What a daunting thing to go on the road alone…Cheers to embracing the unknown though, and to a new chapter!

I’m not afraid to be afraid anymore — Let’s go see the world. Let’s go make some friends :)

Jie is a product designer currently traveling around 🇯🇵. Previously Experience Design at Airbnb and RISD Alum. Has a particular fondness for Evergreens, Surfing, and travel. Follow my travels and subscribe to Voyagerlog.

p.s. — publishing these quite late, my apologies! Working on “blogging”…

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