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How would you prefer to grow your wealth? Speculation or Robust Strategy

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Our Voyager.Fi Large Crypto TrendMax portfolio’s inception date was on 4th May, 2021. During the creation process, my friend and I have an interesting conversation that reminds me how important a robust strategy is.

My Friend: Isn’t Bitcoin (BTC) on the upward trend? Hasn’t Bitcoin hit an all-time-high (ATH) this year?

I will show you what our algorithm has allocated and its current result if you read this article to the end.

Note: This article is for educational purposes. The information cannot be substituted for professional and/or financial advice.


If you invest based on news speculation, rumors or friends’ recommendations, you might have suggested BTC is the way to go given that Bitcoin is all you heard from the major news outlet and it has kept going up. In fact, one of my friends starts his first crypto investment with Bitcoin at about the same time given all the hype. My friend’s dad has asked me a couple of times when is the good time to buy Bitcoin.

Here is the chart from 1st March for all the assets in our Asset Universe.

BTC vs ETH vs ADA vs DOT vs BNB vs LINK

“What would you have picked if you were to allocate your wealth on 4th May?”

Robust Strategy

This is what happened on the day of 4th May. Our algorithm has given us a simple allocation out of the Asset Universe.

“50% Ethereum (ETH) and 50% Cardano (ADA)”

Here is the comparison chart on the day of 18th May when this article is written.

The outcome is ETH and ADA both have risen with good performance. They act as outliers while Bitcoin has followed a downward trend.

This explains why following a robust strategy and governance process instead of speculation is crucial to the success of growing wealth.

If you are interested in learning more about our Voyager.Fi Large Crypto TrendMax portfolio and strategy, please visit our website below. We welcome any feedback or advice. Our email is .

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