John Matson
Oct 17, 2018 · 4 min read

Over the past two years, Voyager HQ has worked to change travel experiences for the better by uniting the major stakeholders in the industry and empowering them with innovation. We’ve made some cogent steps along the way: In the autumn of 2016, we opened our 7,500 square foot coworking and event space for the New York City travel community. In the spring of 2018, we launched our inaugural Travel Disruption Summit to gather the brightest minds from the corporate and startup sides into one room to do business and collectively plan the future.

All along, we’ve been fortunate enough to fulfill our mission of facilitating meaningful conversations, timely connections, and the robust knowledge sets necessary for travel startup founders to be successful.

We believe that one of the best ways to improve the travel experience is through cross-industry collaboration and actionable conversations. Whether it’s a podcast, a pitch night, or a breakfast, the aim is the same: promote more of these curated interactions, more often — and across a variety of perspectives.

I’m thrilled to announce Voyager HQ’s plans to expand our events beyond New York and into travel tech communities around the world. The expansion of our live event series allows us to bring the same offline value that we currently offer in New York — face-to-face engagement with investors and partners in a local capacity — to Voyager HQ digital members all around the world. The larger the community grows, the better positioned we are to create highly targeted engagements for startups, partners and the travel industry as a whole.

Voyager in your city?

Our goal is to launch Voyager HQ events in three new cities in 2019, but we can’t be in three places at once. That’s where our community comes in — we’re looking for leaders interested in growing the travel technology network in their city and to become the face and name of our brand as local Voyager Event Directors. As an event organizer, you’ll have the autonomy to craft the structure that works best based on your knowledge of your local community. And as one of the first to lead a Voyager event expansion, you’ll play an integral role in shaping the program as it continues to grow globally.

Here’s what we’re looking for in our Directors:

  • Current involvement in the travel and/or tech industries
  • There is a strong existing startup network in your city or area
  • Extra time in your schedule to organize monthly events part-time
  • Enthusiasm to approach potential event sponsors and partners
  • Excitement about growing the Voyager HQ community locally
  • Ability to execute, with a stubborn creative streak

Here’s what you have to gain from being a Director:

  • Tons of new industry connections and knowledge
  • Thought leadership and influence as a community organizer in your city
  • Compensation $$$

Here’s the support we provide each new event hub:

  • Access to the Voyager HQ team’s guidance and input
  • Branding packet and marketing materials
  • Introductions to potential sponsors, venues and other stakeholders in your area
  • Contact list of current Voyager HQ members and marketing channels in your city

We’re following the founder passion to identify the first few cities to land in. We hosted the first-ever Travel Founders Breakfast in San Francisco in June, and our Travel Pitch Night earlier this month brought together almost 100 Bay Area travel professionals to see presentations from five VHQ member companies in the region. San Francisco represents an ideal opportunity for an early Voyager HQ chapter: an existing strong travel and technology ecosystem that can benefit from the structure and support of our community. Whether you’re in New York, San Francisco, London, Bangkok, Toronto or anywhere else, tell us why your city needs more of Voyager HQ’s presence and apply to be an Event Director here.

We see a future with a more interconnected travel industry and believe that innovation is the path to make it happen. If you share this passion for promoting the sharing of knowledge and resources among the best and the brightest in travel technology, apply today.

Interested in bringing Voyager to your community? Fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch!

Voyager HQ

Voyager HQ is the club for travel innovators, connecting startup founders, corporate partners, and investors in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. Join for free at

John Matson

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Managing Director @VoyagerHQ & Co-Director @StartupGrindNYC - I geek out on startups, marketing, and music - Opinions are my own

Voyager HQ

Voyager HQ is the club for travel innovators, connecting startup founders, corporate partners, and investors in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. Join for free at

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