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Street Art - Audrey Hepburn
Street Art — Audrey Hepburn

June 2019, we came to visit our son in Montreal. A week’s vacation in a city where we have lived for many years.

After taking a tour of our must-sees in Montreal, we plan to rediscover New York.

One of the American cities we love!

This city has always fascinated us, it does not represent the United States by itself, but it is an emblem, an American icon recognized all over the planet.

We first discovered it in 1998 and then in 2001 shortly before the events of September 11.

Then, we took advantage of living in Montreal to bring the children and friends who came to visit us.

Since our return to France in 2008, we have not had the opportunity to see New York again since the reconstruction of the district of the new One World tower.

The desire is too strong, we decided to spend a weekend in New York.

After picking up a rental car, we take Highway 87 to Champlain, where we go through customs after presenting our passports, ESTAs and paying the US $ 7 per person.

Once settled in our hotel, we regain knowledge of the city, which in the light of our memories has hardly changed. We still take full eyes, this mythical place is fascinating.

One afternoon, we decide to eat in an Italian restaurant in Little Italy.

Restaurant in Little Italy
Restaurant in Little Italy

At the end of the meal, we start a digestive walk in the neighborhood.

This district is dotted with red brick buildings on which the artists have expressed their talent.

On one of the buildings, Audrey Hepburn is beautifully portrayed in a mural by artist Tristan Eaton. The Street Art artist was born in 1978 in Hollywood.

Once back in France, I develop several versions of this photo and I share them on my UNSPLASH portfolio.

In September 2020, Alexandra, an Australian entrepreneur, asks me if she can use this photo to illustrate the handbags she plans to produce at the end of the year.

This is one of the first times that one of my royalty-free photos posted on Unsplash has been used!

I am honored and proud to be able to volunteer to help a young business get started. The fact that she uses a few of my photos is enough to satisfy my satisfaction as an amateur photographer.

Regular discussions with Alexandra have also enabled me to understand the eco-responsible approach and the values ​​conveyed by the company Clutch 4 Humankind, criteria to which I also adhere.

Since the end of the year, Clutch 4 Humankind has started production and to thank me has given me one of my models that uses my photo.

A bag designed by Clutch4HumanKind
A bag designed by Clutch 4 Humankind

These are quality bags, with a nice lining and interior pockets to store some accessories.

So if you want to send a gift to one of your friends, do not hesitate to order one online …



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