Introducing Voyance: Helping startups transform data into future insights.

Abdul (AB) Hassan
Dec 17, 2019 · 5 min read
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Increasingly, organisations in emerging markets like Africa are looking to machine learning to help them solve business problems and drive efficiency but implementing a machine learning project to drive impactful decisions requires a diverse team with expertise in several skill sets.

That's why demand for data scientists is soaring right now. Every company is looking for experts who can help them gain a data-edge over the competitors and make better predictions about the future.

Unfortunately, these professionals are expensive. In addition to that, it’s also very difficult to find quality data science experts because it’s such a new field where lack of validation still exists.

But the good news is

There’s a rise of data analyst in every organisations in West Africa, However, most find the aspect of AI (building and deploying Machine Learning algorithms) pretty daunting and still rooted deep within lines of intricate code and mathematics.

These analysts need to learn the art of blending data from disparate sources, spreadsheets, databases (relational and NoSQL), unstructured data sources. They need to learn cleaning, summarizing and preprocessing the data before writing the code to find the best predictive model for their data.

Isn’t this overwhelming? Believe me, it is

Currently, there are about millions of data analysts in Nigeria alone that lack the necessary skill set and problem-solving ability.

They’re really good users of BI tools but do not have a competitive edge when it comes to predictive analytics.

Activating predictive analytics and unlocking the full potential of AI are complicated and time-consuming tasks. From data preparation to data modelling to deployment, an analyst needs technical skills and efficient decision-making ability which are not that simple to obtain.

Introducing Voyance

Our mission is to democratize machine learning for companies by providing a set of tools that frees them from relying on teams of data scientists.

Our flagship product is called OMNI which is coined from Omniscience which means the “the state of knowing everything”.

Enter OMNI

OMNI is automatic machine learning, which brings the power of world-class data scientists in the hands of everyone. lt builds models automatically using machine learning algorithms of every kind.

OMNI can be used to build machine learning model to predict things like customer churn, transaction and infrastructure anomaly etc.

One of the most fascinating use cases we’ve seen with OMNI is automating reconciliation which is a major issue for organisations like banks.

OMNI Platform

How does it work?

We’ve literally made building a machine learning model as easy as using an instagram filter or setting up a wordpress page.

In three clicks, you’ll be performing predictions with your data!

Step #1

Upload your data from any source. We currently support CSV/TSV/ZIP file, any database like mysql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Amazon S3

Step #2

We automatically do the data cleaning and preparation part and display the dataset in a clean and beautiful table

Step #3

Select the appropriate machine learning method to train your model with i.e Predict, Classify, Flag etc

Once that’s completed, OMNI prepares the data, automatically curates latest machine learning algorithms from and builds the best model.

You or your data analyst can then deploy these models with a single click to make predictions and business decisions via our beautiful web interface or API () for technical users who would like to build a solution using the prediction API.

The main purpose of OMNI platform is to democratize AI within organizations so that ordinary individuals can:

  1. Use data to make predictions (build machine learning-powered use cases)
  2. Bring different stakeholders together and access the value of the data science initiative as a whole

Getting started on the AI journey is intimidating, but we at Voyance is here to ease that burden and provide a framework that allows you to learn as you go.

Who is behind this?

Voyance was started by ET, a senior machine learning engineer, who worked at Two Sigma as a senior data engineer (A $60B hedge fund that uses machine learning for its trading strategies) and co-founded by Abdul (AB), who previously worked as a product manager at Smartly AI (leading french artificial intelligence company) and Paystack.

What’s happening next?

  • We’ll be adding more machine learning algorithms i.e neural network
  • Adding more data source i.e loggly, datahog, pagerduty etc
  • Releasing our runtime environment for ease of on-premise model deployment (#dataPrivacy)
  • Build dashboards to display predictions in a more beautiful way
  • Actionable recommendations based on predictions
  • Setting up a workshop soon in partnership with Techpoint, if you’re interested, kindly head over to the website and request for an invite.
  • and so much more in the buckets!

How do I get started?

We are currently an invite only platform, working with companies and individuals with shared excitement about data science.

If you are excited and would like an invite to the platform, kindly head to and someone from the team or myself will reach out.


We envision a world where every company no matter how big or small, understands machine learning and uses it to improve their decision making.

If you have any comments or suggestions, reach out to us at Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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Transforming data into future insights

Abdul (AB) Hassan

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Transforming data into future insights

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