User experience in Virtual Reality — Presentations of Prague Meet-up

Marek Kulkovský
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2 min readApr 21, 2017


Our UX team organised its first Meet-up and below published two great presentation you should not miss.

Kristopher J. Blom spoke about the impact of VR on its users.

VR community in Prague has organised a lot of meetups recently and another big event (a VR festival) is approaching.

Usually events focused on VR attract enthusiasts and people from related fields. Since we coorganized this event with the Czech Association of UX it was a great opportunity to reach out and draw new audiences (VR untouched).

We all shared a great evening and even though you can no more experience its atmosphere you can definitely still learn something new and interesting.

VR Interaction & Experience

The first presentation I would like to point out is about VR Interaction & Experience by Kristopher J. Blom.

Kris started with VR in 1998 and since then has done a really amazing work. He guided us from his studies at the University to his own product Virtual Orator. His slides contain great insights into the user experience of VR and interesting details from the history of virtual reality.

Use Cases of Military Simulations

The second interesting presentation is by Andrew Barron, Director of Design in Bohemia Interactive.

VR products are used by several armies all over the world. It is one of the many technologies military has been using for decades. There are countless interesting usecases of VR simulations in the military context.

I hope you will find both of the talks useful and if you want to take a look at all of the presentations from the evening, you can visit our Slides Live channel.

I would like to thank to the UX team of Etnetera Activate and the Czech Association of UX which made this event happen.



Marek Kulkovský
VR Atelier

UX designer and product manager at Virtuplex. Currently focusing on the potential of Virtual Reality in B2B.